13-year-old Evie Johnson from Christchurch used her passion to help others.

UNICEF supporters have protected 3000 Syrian refugee children from a deadly winter in Jordan.

Syrian refugee women are using their skills to help children survive winter.

Some Syrian families are attempting to live in relative normality, as fighting takes place down the road.

After almost eight years of way, Syrian children are determined not to miss out on their education

Iman fled the war in Syria with her four children, but just when she thought they were safe – they faced a threat they couldn’t escape: winter

Syrian children have been fighting to survive war, hunger, poverty and disease. But now they are fighting to survive the cold.

In 2017 the Manaro volcano, on Vanuatu’s Ambae Island, started to erupt. Within days, the island’s residents were evacuated.

Yemen is one of the worst places in the world to be a child. UNICEF supporters are helping children survive.

Cox’s Bazar was once known for its fishing, its tourist attractions, and having the world’s longest beach...

When Ruba was born 1000 days ago, frail and underweight, her mother, Fawzia, was already sick and malnourished. Fawzia’s husband, Mastour, was struggling...