A mother with her child at a breastfeed awareness session, at the refugee site of Adré, in the East of Chad, close to the border of Sudan.


Another Bitter Blow
for Children in Sudan

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Statement said by UNICEF Spokesperson James Elder

“The factory in Khartoum which produces therapeutic food for children in Sudan, who are suffering the most dangerous form of malnutrition, has been burnt down," said UNICEF Spokesperson James Elder this month at a UN press briefing this month.

"The fire destroyed 14,500 cartons of Ready to Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF). This was set to be transported to locations for the life-saving treatment of 14,500 children. This is the darkest, most distinct illustration to date of how this conflict threatens the lives of children through multiple means. It is yet another bitter blow to Sudan’s most vulnerable children," Elder said.

"The SAMIL factory produced 60% of the RUTF used to treat children with Severe Acute Malnutrition in Sudan last year.

"The fire also resulted in the total destruction of factory machinery completely stopping the production line. This will significantly affect the delivery of nutrition supplies to thousands of children.

"In overall response to the malnutrition crisis in Sudan, *UNICEF currently has 34,000 cartons of RUTF enroute from France. An additional 81,000 cartons are ready to be sent from France at the end of this month. Somewhat miraculously – certainly heroically – 80% of Outpatient Therapeutic Programmes are currently operational in Sudan. This is testament to UNICEF’s partners, and the health workers of Sudan.

"Despite such selfless efforts, conflict continues to prevent children from reaching treatment; conflict continues to destroy health facilities; and now conflict has destroyed a lifeline for Sudan’s most vulnerable children.”

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