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Students at Hamilton East school working together during UNICEF led session
Progress in child poverty reduction moves NZ up international rankings

UNICEF’s 18th Report Card, ‘Child Poverty in the Midst of Wealth’ released today shows New Zealand has made good progress in improving child poverty rates compared to other wealthy countries, but urgent action must be taken if New Zealand is to continue this momentum, says UNICEF Aotearoa. The new government must put children ahead of tax cuts to maintain momentum, says UNICEF .

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Pregnant woman lying on back being attended to by a medical proessional
Climate change is an urgent threat to pregnant women and children

Pregnant women, babies and children face extreme health risks from climate catastrophes that warrant urgent attention.

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"Children live in a world that is increasingly hostile to their rights”

Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell on World Children’s Day 2023.

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31 premature babies at imminent risk of death relocated from Al-Shifa hospital

Thirty-one babies clinging to life were rescued from Al-Shifa hospital in northern Gaza and relocated to the south of the Strip.

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child stands in front of dirty water source
1 in 3 children exposed to severe water scarcity

The climate changed world – with dwindling water supply and inadequate water services – is also changing children, altering their mental and physical health, new report warns

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Child health services almost collapse across the Gaza Strip - lives of one million children ‘hanging by a thread.'

The near total breakdown and attacks on medical and healthcare services across Gaza, in particular the northern areas, threatens the lives of every child in the Strip.

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On 6 November 2023, views of damaged buildings in Khalanga, the headquarters of Jajarkot District.

Jajarkot and nearby Rukum West were heavily impacted by the 6.4 magnitude earthquake that hit western Nepal at 11:47 p.m. on 3 November.
Nepal: Children account for half of dead and injured after earthquake

Almost half of those reported killed and injured in Nepal’s recent earthquake are children. The 6.4 earthquake that struck remote parts of western Nepal on 3 November has claimed 153 lives and injured more than 338 people so far, according to local authorities.

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Mothers and children at the refugee site of Adré, in the East of Chad, close to the border of Sudan.
Sudan: over 200 days of war leaving a generation of children on the brink

Sudan is now the largest child displacement crisis in the world, with a recorded 3 million children fleeing widespread violence in search of safety, food, shelter and health care—most within Sudan—while hundreds of thousands are sheltering in sprawling make-shift camps in neighboring countries.

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Women and newborns bearing the brunt of the conflict in Gaza

As of 3 November, according to Ministry of Health data, 2326 women and 3760 children have been killed in the Gaza strip, representing 67% of all casualties, while thousands more have been injured.

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6.4-magnitude earthquake hits western Nepal

"We are deeply saddened by the devastating impact of the 6.4 magnitude earthquake that struck Karnali and Lumbini provinces in western Nepal at 11:47 p.m. on Friday 3 November..."

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Statement by UNICEF on the deaths and injuries of children in Jabaliya camp

While we do not yet have estimates of the toll the attack has taken on children, people’s homes have been leveled, hundreds apparently injured and killed, with many children reportedly among the casualties.

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Damage in Melsisi, Pentecost Island, from Cyclone Lola. Some buildings, like the school's ablution blocks, were hit during Tropical Cyclone Lola.
UNICEF concerned for children of the Pacific in the coming cyclone season

UNICEF is increasingly concerned for children’s wellbeing in the upcoming cyclone season. Following the recent out of season Tropical Cyclone Lola, many children have already experienced three Category 4 cyclones in 2023.

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