stories from the frontline

Millions of children at risk as Covid-19 impacts nutrition, education and vaccines
Covid-19 has impacted access to vaccines, education, and exacerbated issues around food shortages.
Hand washing around the world
The simple act of hand washing is the best protection we have against Covid-19.
COVID-19: Number of children living in household poverty set to soar
New analysis from Save the Children and UNICEF reveals that without urgent action, the number of children living in poor households across low- and middle-income countries could increase by 15 per cent, to reach 672 million
Yemeni children face fighting a virus in a war zone
After more than five years of conflict, families in Yemen now face the threat of a deadly pandemic without even the most basic supplies.
Protecting Pacific Kids from Covid-19
As Covid-19 spreads around the world, communities in the Pacific are desperately preparing to respond to the imminent threat of the pandemic.
The difference soap and water can make in a refugee camp
As Covid-19 spreads around the world, water and soap are more important than ever before. But what if you didn’t have access to them?
Snaps of Covid-19 lockdown life with children from around the world
Photographers in countries around the world are at home with their families – these are their photos.
Through pandemics and epidemics, UNICEF has been there (and will be there)
For more than 70 years, we have been working to improve the lives of children and their families.
Coronavirus: What parents need to know
How to protect yourself and your children.
Covid-19 is devastating Italy
But rainbows offer a ray of hope all over the country. “Andrà tutto bene"
What children want to know about coronavirus
Straight from the playground - here are the tough questions kiwi kids want answered about Covid-19.
New Zealand commits $5m to UNICEF to support Indonesia’s Covid-19 response
NZ govt pledges $5 million to protect Indonesia against Covid-19.
Youth Week: What is the value of education?
A reflection on the value of education in the wake of Covid-19.
Child mortality rate set to increase for first time in decades without urgent action
The COVID-19 pandemic is fast becoming a lasting crisis for children.
“Covid-19 is clearly not a virus that anybody in the world will have immunity to.”
Doctor Nikki Turner
What can you do? Be part of the solution!
How teenagers can protect their mental health during COVID-19
Six strategies for teens facing a new (temporary) normal.
UNICEF NZ and The Salvation Army partner to reach families in response to Covid-19
For the first time ever, UNICEF New Zealand is fundraising to support Kiwi children and families impacted by Covid-19.
Pacific islands face two crises at once
Not only must the region protect its people from the deadly coronavirus pandemic, it has to also recover from a second wave of destruction - Tropical Cyclone Harold.
A Kiwi mum explains the importance of food parcels
Maya Vai Bourne has a massive heart – she supports her husband Anthony who is on dialysis for ten hours a day as well as her three children and five nieces and nephews. She tells UNICEF NZ why food parcels have been so important for her family during the Covid-19 lockdown.
In the race to fight against Covid-19, UNICEF's supply chains are working 24/7
The Covid-19 pandemic is having an unprecedented impact on global supply chains. UNICEF is developing innovative solutions to ensure we continue to reach as many children as possible with life-saving supplies.
Kiwi Mum encourages parents to ask for help amidst Covid-19 crisis
As the Covid-19 crisis pushes families to the brink, Kiwi Mum Malaina Tuafa says now is not the time to worry about putting your hand up for a bit of help.
Six inspirational stories about mothers around the world
As COVID-19 continues to turn our lives upside down, Mother’s Day will look a little different.
Gemma McCaw wants all Kiwi mums to know they’re not alone
Gemma McCaw speaks to UNICEF NZ about the joys of motherhood and why looking out for others is so important during the COVID-19 crisis.
What will COVID-19 mean for the Pacific?
"It's even more important that we continue to support children in these communities."
Children are the unseen victims of COVID-19
UNICEF appeals for NZD $2.6 billion to meet the growing needs of children impacted by COVID-19.
How children around the world are adapting to life under COVID-19
Children and parents around the world are making a new normal
Pregnant mothers and babies born during Covid-19 pandemic under threat
With 116 million expected births in the approximately 9 months since the Covid pandemic was recognised, UNICEF calls on governments and donors to maintain lifesaving services for pregnant women and newborns.
A day in the life of a vaccinator in Mali
Going the distance to reach every child, no matter where they live.
Vaccines and the diseases they prevent
Find out more about the most commonly recommended vaccines.
The lengths to which health workers go to reach every child with vaccines
Vaccines can prevent disease outbreaks now and in the future.
Routine vaccinations must continue – UNICEF
As COVID-19 has continued to spread globally, more than 117 million children in 37 countries may miss out on receiving the lifesaving measles vaccine.
World Immunisation Week 2020
Find out how vaccines keep your child and community safe.
Helping Children In Timor-Leste Get The Best Start In Life
It’s hard to be a child in Timor-Leste. New Zealanders are helping to change that.
Almost 5 million children born into war in Syria
As the conflict enters its 10th year, millions of children are entering their second decade of life surrounded by war, violence, death and displacement.
Hitching a ride aboard a flying, lifesaving vaccine delivery
UNICEF Pacific Chief of Comms Cate Heinrich flew aboard a lifesaving vaccine delivery to Samoa last November.
Two highly experienced business leaders join UNICEF NZ’s board
Rachel Petero and Carmen Vicelich
Deadly measles and coronavirus outbreaks are on the rise. But where is the outrage for pneumonia?
Boosting efforts to fight pneumonia could avert nearly 9 million child deaths from pneumonia and other major diseases, a new analysis has found ahead of the first ever global forum on childhood pneumonia.
In photos: how vaccines reach the most remote places on earth
No child too far.
What supporters should know about their donations
How do you make your charity donations go further?
New Zealand is Watching
We urgently need your help in petitioning the NZ Govt to support survivors of the Syrian war.
A Syrian family's journey to the safety of New Zealand
Four years ago, Ramia Saidawi left Syria, with her husband and two girls, for a life of safety in New Zealand
A healthy home for every child
NZ is in the middle of a housing crisis with many sides - cost, quality and availability among them. But every child has the right to a safe and healthy home
A Kiwi view of the world's largest refugee camp
My bags and I are heading to Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh - the largest refugee settlement in the world
A long walk and a longer wait
Three-year-old Nur has been vomiting for three days, with severe diarrhoea, and now his father watches him, wondering if he waited too long to bring him in.
A celebration of change in tropical Kiribati
Of every 1000 children under five in Kiribati, 47 will die, often from entirely preventable causes. But that's changing.
A family's journey from Syria to Libya
Eight-year-old Bassam and his family have been running from war for five years, only to have it chase them every step of the way
Unicef Heroes: Fighting Sickness With Donkey Power
An unusual ally has been enlisted in the fight against polio in the war-torn mountains of Yemen: Donkeys
UNICEF statement on the adoption of the Global Compact for Migration.
Statement from UNICEF Director of Data, Research and Policy Laurence Chandy
Vaccines are a lifesaver in NZ and the world
New Zealand still isn’t immune from outbreaks of disease, and a lack of vaccination can still be a death sentence for kiwi children
Violence And Displacement Stalk Children In Raqqa
As violence escalates in the Syrian region of Raqqa, families have been fleeing their homes to poorly equipped temporary shelters and camps.
What Drives An Award-winning Athlete?
When 19-year-old, award-winning shot putter Nathaniel is not training, he's helping out Kiwi kids as a teacher aide at a Hutt Valley kindergarten.
"Why Is It Mainly Maori Who Are Homeless?"
19 year old Lyric Brooklyn has spent time living on the streets since his early teens. He talks about the challenges of being young and homeless in Wellington.
"We can't run from the war and then die from the cold"
Syrian children have been fighting to survive war, hunger, poverty and disease. But now they are fighting to survive the cold.
Why We Won't Stop Fighting For Children
Every day we see the very worst of what people can do to one another, and the very worst conditions that people are forced to survive in.
Winter In Syria: A Mother's Worst Nightmare
Iman fled the war in Syria with her four children, but just when she thought they were safe – they faced a threat they couldn’t escape: winter.
Watch: Two generations of refugee children. One emotional childhood
Meet Ahmed and Harry.
A Week Following Children On The Move
Marie-Pierre Poirier recently travelled the migrant route through the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia. She shares her story with us
As fighting takes place down the road, families return to rural Syria
Some Syrian families are attempting to live in relative normality, as fighting takes place down the road
Black Ferns lift the lid on UNICEF's sport-in-a-box kits
The foreign object is a UNICEF sport-in-a-box kit. It’s the key ingredient in a new partnership between the Black Ferns and UNICEF called PLAY ON, helping children all over the Pacific.
World first: child in Vanuatu receives the first ever drone-delivered vaccine
Drone technology is proving a game changer when it comes to immunising the world's hardest-to-reach children
Te Hiringa Tamariki: A wellbeing model for tamariki Māori
Te Hiringa Tamariki is UNICEF New Zealand’s tamariki Māori wellbeing model. The model was developed during 2018 and 2019 with the assistance of 600 Māori who attended hui in Hastings, Wellington and Auckland.
Breastfeeding is 'easy, healthy and cost-effective'
Baby Luthfi was born just six days after the dual disasters that devastated Indonesia. His mother was feeding him with formula, until a UNICEF-trained midwife supported his transition to breast milk.
Bringing baby Adaline's appetite back to life
Adaline has been sent home with a months-long course of Plumpy’Nut® – a peanut-based nutritional paste - that can return her to full health, little by little.
UPDATE: Vanuatu Schools - first toilet blocks completed
Most of the schools in Penama Province, Vanuatu, do not have toilets and there are some obvious health risks for children. With support from our donors, we're helping change this.
New report reveals harrowing scale of child protection crisis in the Pacific
A sobering new report details for the first time the shocking levels of physical, emotional and sexual violence, as well as neglect, faced by children living in the Pacific and Timor-Leste.
This peanut paste has changed the world
It’s not your ordinary peanut butter from the supermarket. It’s called Plumpy’nut®, also known as Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food. 
Māori youth contribute to a new definition of wellbeing
Tuimaleali'ifano Fiso leans forward against the podium, clasps her hands together, and sings...
Empowering young Māori and Pasifika to find their place in the world.
A gathering to inspire young indigenous voices.
After eruption on Ambae, UNICEF is helping build new lives
In 2017 the Manaro volcano, on Vanuatu’s Ambae Island, started to erupt. Within days, the island’s residents were evacuated.
Simple steps to a brighter future
By improving access to water, we’re improving children’s health and education.
Childcare is expensive for Kiwi parents.
Roimata works night shifts so the family doesn’t have to pay for before and after-school care.
Young songwriter gains confidence from award-winning slam poet
Haillee explores her passion for writing as part of Ara Tahoi Youth Week.
Clarke Gayford: "The best gift you can give a child is time."
Clarke Gayford has joined UNICEF New Zealand to stress the importance of parents spending time with their children.
The Christchurch Girl Changing Lives With Haikus
13-year-old Evie Johnson from Christchurch used her passion to help others.
The Pacific Women Walking A Slippery Slope
Throughout the world more than 663 million people live without a safe water supply close to home. Many of our Pacific neighbours have to deal with this every day.
UNICEF New Zealand (UN Children’s Fund)  Media Release
Wellbeing Budget: A systemic approach to complex issues
What it’s like to be a Māori child
We have been talking to rangatahi throughout the country about their opinions on issues affecting them.
The Pacific Workers Coming To New Zealand To Help Their Families Back Home
Meet 31-year-old Michael Leo from Vanuatu. He works on an Orchard in Hawke's Bay to help his wife and two children back home.