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Eligible to Vote in the 2023 General Elections? Why Your Vote Matters and Deciding How to Use It

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Wanting to know where each of Aotearoa's larger political parties stand on the issues important to rangatahi youth and tamariki? We've got you covered...

The 2023 General Election is just a month away! As an organisation that advocates for the rights of children globally and here in Aotearoa, we have rounded up some political party policies on topics rangatahi told us were important to them.

If you are eligible to vote, now is the time to get involved and engaged. Young and first-time voters have the potential to influence who forms the next Government – your vote and your voice hold immense power.

What is the Government?

The Government is elected by voters so, if you’re eligible to vote – that includes you!  

The party or parties that win enough votes to be the Government get to make decisions on behalf of us all. They decide laws, taxes and policy - bascially the rules for how the country is run. Your vote steers our future. 

Aotearoa’s Political Parties

Lots to choose from. Compare their promises.  

You might notice the political parties haven’t all made annoucements in every area - they will keep making announcements as the election day gets closer!  Keep track through news or social media channels. 

We've heard from young people about topics that are important to them, like: social protection & housing, education, climate change, mental health, and youth justice.  

We've gathered some of the policies across the top seven polling parties on these five topics! Check out how the parties compare...

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