One of the biggest impacts in Tonga of Cyclone Gita has been to children's education

Within Syria, it is estimated more than six million people are displaced by conflict. Nearly 70 precent of the population lives in acute poverty.

After almost eight years of way, Syrian children are determined not to miss out on their education

When disaster strikes, UNICEF is there to protect and care for children.

11-year-old Sabah has seen things no child should see. But even being confronted with violence on almost a daily basis, going back to school was her dream.

Shanthi Renuka Liyanage was thousands of kilometres away when she heard that her home had been washed away...

Eight times a day, the water arrives by bicycle, sloshing around in big, yellow jerry cans tied to a creaking bicycle frame.

We’ve all heard the horrors from Syria but far fewer people are talking about Yemen...

Every day we see the very worst of what people can do to one another, and the very worst conditions that people are forced to survive in

For eight hours Camilia Nazerio hid in her bathroom with a 10-week-old baby, while one of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded bore down on them.