Türkiye-Syria Earthquake Emergency

Time is critical. We urgently need your help to save lives.

Children in Türkiye (Turkey) and Syria were shaken awake by a massive 7.7 magnitude earthquake at 4am on February 6th. Their homes, families and lives collapsed all around them. These children have lost everything and they need our help.

With the death toll climbing beyond 50,000 and with many thousands of children injured or left homeless, time is critical.

If you can, please make an urgent donation now to support our efforts to help kids and save lives.

Your donation can help provide desperately needed shelter, safe drinking water, and hygiene essentials which will be critical as children grapple with freezing winter temperatures.

UNICEF responds to 300 emergencies every year, and was on the ground long before the earthquake struck. With your help we can continue to be there for children when they need it most.

Please donate what you can today.

What has UNICEF's response been so far?

In Syria,

  • We've been providing safe drinking water, warm winter clothes, medical and nutritional supplies to children and families.

  • We're trucking lifesaving water to 60,000 people in affected communities and distributing water purification tabs.

  • We're supporting 17 mobile health and nutrition teams to provide primary healthcare and nutrition screening, including enough nutrition supplements for 113,000 kids.

  • We've delivered enough health and medical supplies for 250,000 people. Including midwifery kits, trauma kits and surgical kits.

  • Our child protection teams reach 12,231 children with mental health support.

Clean water and hygiene are critical at this time, with waterborne diseases posing another deadly threat to children and families affected. 


Members of a UNICEF-supported mobile health team stand in front of the rubble of a collapsed building in Alsalheen neighbourhood. They're reaching impacted children in Aleppo city with much-needed nutrition services during the aftermath of the earthquake.

In Türkiye,

  • We've dispatched 3,000 winter clothing packs for babies, 7,013 winter clothing packs for kids, 13,000 family hygiene kits and 11,000 family travel hygiene kits.

  • We also distributing 1,000 sleeping bags, 1,000 power banks, 1,000 sleeping chairs and 1,070 electric heaters and 3,000 jerry cans for people across the 10 affected provinces.

  • We've also been assisting in the evacuation of displaced children and families to safe temporary accommodation centres.

  • UNICEF staff are providing child protection services to kids - including psychosocial support and child-friendly spaces.

Our teams on the ground are working tirelessly to ensure we're reaching all those children who need us.

Your donation can make a huge difference. Please help now!


On 10 February 2023, children and families fill jerrycans with clean water at a distribution point in Almyassar neighbourhood, Aleppo city, northern Syria.

Kids in Syria face a tough challenge

Children in Syria continue to face one of the most complex humanitarian situations in the world. A worsening economic crisis, continued localised hostilities after more than a decade of grinding conflict, mass displacement and devastated public infrastructure have left two-thirds of the population in need of assistance. Food insecurity, reliance on unreliable and alternative water sources, and protection concerns are acute. Now, the impact of such a devastating earthquake makes the situation even more desperate for kids in Syria.


On 7 February 2023, UNICEF Syria Representative and Kiwi, Angela Kearney, chats to displaced children at a school-turned-collective-shelter in Salah Eddin neighbourhood in Aleppo city, north Syria.

Appeal information updated 15th February 2023.

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