Porters carry bales of mosquito nets from a helicopter during a Rapid Response Mission in the village of Aburoc, South Sudan


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Every moment matters in an emergency.

When a crisis hits, everything stops. Every second, every minute, every hour counts, for vulnerable kids around the world. That’s why we’re always there, in under 48 hours, rapidly responding with our humanitarian supplies so we can save lives. It’s also why we need your help with donations, so we’re always ready for when the next disaster strikes. 

Make a donation today, so we’re ready for the next emergency.

For over 77 years, we've strengthened our emergency preparedness through developing our global partner network and working closely with the communities we help. Our response is only as effective as our preparation. We’ve got eyes on the ground, expert minds strengthening our systems, many hands stockpiling supply hubs around the globe, and your donations helping us to be flexible enough to adjust to whatever crisis unfolds – making our response quick and effective, so there's a future for every child.  

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By giving

$35 NZD


you could protect 50 children against deadly measles.

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Our team respond to over
300 emergencies every year.

Reaching kids and families
in over 192 countries.

With life-saving supplies
anywhere in 48 hours.

Our changing landscape

In a world where current climate, conflict, and environmental emergencies have a lasting impact and new crises are constantly emerging - there will always be major challenges for supply chains that have been weakened by the pandemic, shipping delays, rising inflation, and soaring energy prices. 

When a disaster strikes, every moment matters for vulnerable kids. We’re there in under 48 hours, responding to emergencies with life-saving supplies.  

Our presence in 192 countries affords us a greater understanding of the country, culture, needs and local partners - keeping us ahead of a rapidly evolving landscape and ensuring essential supplies are delivered quickly as possible.  

All around the world

See how your support is helping kids right now AND the long-term!

Safe and clean water, sanitation & hygiene – continuous and uplifting education – life-saving vaccines – nutritious foods – and quality healthcare.

Donors have helped UNICEF provide each of these and more despite the cholera epidemic in Somalia, conflict in Sudan, flooding in Bangladesh, the fighting in Ukraine and earthquakes in Türkiye & Syria. 

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Getting supplies
from A to B!

By foot, boat, truck, plane or drone. No matter the distance, conflict or disaster. We'll always deliver life-saving support when kids need it most. 2022 was no exception as we marked our sixth year in a row of record-breaking supply procurement for children around the world. At the centre of it all are our supply hubs around the world! Ready to ship our life-saving pre-positioned supplies at a moment’s notice in under 48 hours anywhere. 

Here’s just a glimpse of our impact, reach and readiness for when the next emergency strikes.  

The climate crisis

Every child on the planet is already affected by climate change. Though roughly HALF the world's kids are vulnerable to the severe impacts caused by climate change, including natural disasters. That's over 1 BILLION children whose well-being, health and development is under threat. 

Natural disasters cut children off from schooling, shelter, nutrition, health care, and one of the biggest necessities during an emergency, safe water & sanitation. With the increase of storms and rising sea levels - water and sanitation facilities are often destroyed, disease spreads and the salt content of groundwater increases that many communities rely on for their drinking water. 

We're constantly strengthening our disaster responses to be more climate resilient and innovative, to creating long-term change for kids and making sure your donations are going the distance! 


Vanuatu is one of many small island clusters vulnerable to increasing cyclones with fragile water sources. Donors help us deliver huge shipments of hygiene kits, soap, water tanks, and water purification tablets. They also help us invest in long-lasting change.

By working with partners and communities on the ground, we've built a process to identify, prioritise and lessen risks to Vanuatu's water supply.

Rehabilitating or replacing water supply systems has strengthened the resilience in some of the islands’ most vulnerable communities. 

UNICEF direct support resulted in 5.4 million people using climate-resilient water systems and 3.2 million using climate-resilient sanitation facilities.

Responding to emergencies isn't a quick fix. We’re there to tackle the root cause of the problems affecting kids, and build lasting and innovative solutions to protect them down the line.

Our job’s not done until there’s a future for every child!  


Our focus from 2022 – 2025

Making sure children grow up healthy & strong by accessing good nutrition, quality healthcare and nurturing mental health services.

In 2022 alone we reached 356 million children under 5 - more than ever before – through our malnutrition prevention and treatment programmes. What's more the number of children, young people and caregivers provided with mental health and psychosocial support services more than doubled to 25.2 million while a further 4.5 million children were reached through our disability-inclusive programmes.

We respond immediately to emergencies to make sure kids aren't cut off from crucial services that support their health, growth and happiness. 

A woman feeds ready-to-use therapeutic food to her malnourished daughter, at the UNICEF-supported Routgouna Health Centre, in the town of Mirriah, Mirriah Department, Zinder Region.


Creating opportunities and fostering dreams through continuous and quality education.

We helped almost 40 million out-of-school children access education in 2022, including 3.1 million children on the move and 18.6 million in humanitarian settings.

When a crisis strikes you can’t postpone a child’s education. There is no pause button, only a future that could be lost forever.  


Keeping children safe with fair and inclusive protection programmes. 

We scaled up our parenting support programmes to prevent violence, exploitation and harmful practises, reaching almost 12 million caregivers – up from 3 million in 2021.  

We're committed to preventing and responding to child abuse, neglect, exploitation, and violence during emergencies, when children are most vulnerable. 


Providing sustainable, long-lasting, and clean; water sources, sanitation facilities, and environments for all children. 

In 2022, we reached more than 39 million people with clean water and basic sanitation & hygiene services in emergency situations.  

During conflict and disaster, water facilities are often damaged or destroyed and water sources contaminated. Donors help us deliver safe water and sanitation while also strengthening and building resilient systems and services, so there’s a future for every child. 


Helping every child live a life free from poverty and reach their full potential. 

With support from UNICEF, Governments were able to reach 129 million kids through our cash transfer programmes.  

By giving cash to families who need help in emergencies, they have the choice to spend their money on what they need based on their own personal situations. Whether that be for food, housing, education, or other essential items. 


We’re committed to transparency. To see how we split up expenses and manage our costs, read our annual report or visit UNICEF Open to see a live overview of all our projects.

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UNICEF Aotearoa is a registered charity with the New Zealand Charities Commission (CC35979), making you eligible for a tax refund of up to a third of your donation. All transactions are billed in New Zealand dollars.

UNICEF Aotearoa operates from Level 5, 86 Victoria Street, Wellington 6011, New Zealand.