Yemen Children's Crisis

11 million children’s lives are threatened.  They urgently need food, vaccines and clean water to survive.

Yemen is one of the worst places to be a child right now

Every 10 minutes at least one child in Yemen dies from malnutrition and preventable diseases.

Relentless conflict has pushed the country deep into crisis. Almost every boy and girl in Yemen is in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. With food in short supply, malnutrition is at an all-time high. A lack of clean water means frequent disease outbreaks hit children hardest.

We need to feed these children and we need to protect them urgently, but with our supplies running low we need your help.

No place in Yemen is safe for children.

An average of six children have been killed or maimed every day, since the conflict began.

A bus attack on August 10th, was the worst single attack on children in Yemen. 21 children were killed and 35 injured. UNICEF responded by providing medical supplies to save the lives of the children who reached hospital - including IV fluids, wound dressing materials, ointments and antibiotic.

This crisis is having a devastating effect on children’s lives. We must act now to protect children in Yemen from the dangers of war, disease and hunger.

UNICEF is on the ground delivering desperately needed life-saving support – but resources are stretched. We urgently need funding to continue our programmes for food and malnutrition, water and sanitation, child protection, cholera, healthcare and more.

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