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Please donate to help us respond to the most vulnerable children as quickly as possible.

Natural Disaster

Indonesia Earthquake-Tsunami Disaster

A horrific earthquake and tsunami has devastated Indonesia. Children are in danger and urgently need your help.


Children’s Hunger Crisis

No child should die from hunger. Will you help give children desperately needed food?


Yemen Children's Crisis

11 million children’s lives are threatened.  They urgently need food, vaccines and clean water to survive.


Rohingya Children’s Monsoon Emergency

It's been one year since Rohingya children lost their homes, HELP make sure they don't lose their childhoods.


The Greatest Need

Whether facing disasters, conflict or disease – you’ll be giving the most vulnerable children around the world the chance to survive.


Syrian Children’s Crisis

Syrian children have suffered through seven years of horrific war. With no end in sight, they need help now more than ever.


Vaccinate a Child

Right now, one child dies every 20 seconds from a vaccine-preventable disease. But your desperately needed support can save a child's life.