Children need your help

Please donate to help us respond to the most vulnerable children as quickly as possible.


Children's Fearless Deliveries

Join UNICEF’s fearless delivery and send a box of life-saving supplies to a child who needs it most.

The Greatest Need

Whether facing disasters, conflict or disease – you’ll be giving the most vulnerable children around the world the chance to survive.

Children’s Water Crisis

Unsafe water is putting children around the world in danger. Donate now and give life-saving clean water.

Syrian Children’s Crisis

Syrian children's lives have been devastated by war - they need help now. Donate today to provide life-saving assistance.

Yemen Children's Crisis

Yemen is one of the worst places to be a child right now. Children urgently need food, water and medicines just to survive.

Children’s Hunger Crisis

Severely malnourished children are in extreme danger. Donate now and give kids the food they urgently need to survive.

Pacific Project Champions

Children in the Pacific are missing out. Make a matched donation today, so these kids no longer miss out on education and clean water.