With your support we can make this world a better place for children.

As a Global Parent, your monthly donations will provide food, life-saving vaccines, clean drinking water as well as immediate relief during emergencies. When you see the impact of your donation on children’s lives, you will feel proud and inspired every day of your life.

Children need you. Now, more than ever!

Right now we are contending with a growing list of emergencies, from the conflicts to Ebola to poverty devastation wrought by unexpected natural disasters that threaten millions of children’s lives every day. But with your help we can provide the vital healthcare, education and protection children need to survive and thrive. Their futures, and the futures of their societies, depend on your support.

As a Global Parent you don’t just support a single child, you support many children in urgent need.

Children 0-5 years of age- You give the youngest children a good start in life

Children 6-12 years of age: You give young children the chance to go to school

Children 13-18 years of age: You give the older children a safer environment to grow up to be young adults.

The bigger the family the more children we can help

Because of the support of our Global Parents, UNICEF saves more lives than any other humanitarian organisation in the world. The more of us there are, the more children we can help. Together we’ll give all children the opportunity to grow up and live a decent life.

“Why do I give? The more you give, the more you receive. What I get back is much more…I get joy, peace and love. True giving, unconditional giving, giving without expecting is the real joy. As a Global Parent I feel I am a parent to all the children in the world. Other Global parents are like brothers and sisters to me. I find giving very exciting and I want to keep doing it as long as I can.” - Owen Davies. 

He is 75 years old and has been supporting UNICEF since 2007.

We are 100% dependent on voluntary contributions from donors like you. We cannot work without your support. Help us make this world a better place for all children, everywhere in the world.

Join us now.

Everyday Kiwis making a world of difference

When I see little children needing help. I think 'How can I change that?'

- Sunhil Chand

20,000 kiwis like Sunhil are making a massive difference to the live of children around the world. You can too!

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