Every Child Deserves a Childhood

Every child should be able to play, learn, grow and thrive in safety.

By providing millions of children each year with food, water, shelter, sanitation and a chance to play, we help make sure that even the most vulnerable children in our world have a chance at a childhood they deserve.

We can only reach the children we help because of people like you. 100% of our work is funded by generous donors who are ready to give all children the critical support they need to thrive.


You can do something

Alina's life was changed by somebody just like you. At the age of five, Alina was already working each day in a Bolivian mine along with her parents, engaged as a young child labourer. With no way out, Alina was set to live out a short life in poverty, limited by having no education and poor health from her long days working in hazardous mining conditions. Luckily for Alina, she had a force of Global Parents behind her ready to take action against child labour. These days, Alina is playing with her friends and learning in an early child development centre - but there are still 246 million children just like her who need your help now.

Make Good News for kids like Alina
5-year-old Alina Nayla Gonzales helps her mother, Maria Cardozo, search for minerals near the entrance to the Pailaviri Mine, in the city of Potosí       

Make a lasting impact on a child's life

When you give with us, you are on the front lines with children who need you most, delivering critical and urgent services in some of the most disadvantaged regions around the world. 

As a Global Parent, you don't just sponsor one child, you help many and make a worldwide impact. In this year alone, we're changing the lives of children in countries like Vanuatu, Yemen, Ethiopia, Kiribati, Syria, Lebanon, Central Africa, and more - and even for children right here in New Zealand. 

For New Zealand's children, we help to advocate for their rights and a fairer future. This means advocating for our children to have warmer housing, safer communities, good food and better opportunities to succeed through improved government policy and public awareness.


An Approach that Saves Lives

Each day, we're out in the world giving vulnerable children the food, shelter, education, rights and protection they need to survive and thrive against the odds. We not only advocate for children's rights in governments around the world, but deliver emergency supplies and live saving support on the front lines for children when it counts.

Donate Now

You can make a difference now

You decide how much you can commit to as a Global Parent each month and fill out the donation form below. You choose one of three dates each month that suits you best to make your donation, and each month we'll put through an automatic charge to your chosen credit card account for the amount you have selected.

From there, we will let you know how you are saving lives with us around the world on a regular basis.

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