Why Now? Why UNICEF? Why You?

No child should have to experience a childhood surrounded by fear, uncertainty, disease, brutality, conflict, war or hunger, and yet around the world today, millions of children are suffering. 230 million children are living in countries plagued by armed conflicts, or displaced as refugees of war. Another 246 million will wake up tomorrow to work as bonded child labourers in hazardous or cruel working conditions. It's wrong that children live this way, and the time is now to make a change for these children, and for all children facing adversity around the world. 

And we need your help. UNICEF's work around the world is 100% funded by individuals and organisations who want to make a real difference for children. Your support is needed so that we can continue to create a better future for all children, no matter who or where they are in the world. Your monthly donation will be used to respond to emergencies and disaster, to get young children into schools, and to provide proper nutrition, clean drinking water and safer childhoods to those who need our help the most. 

By joining Global Parents, you will help to create a world in which children are safe, happy, healthy and most importantly, free to be children.






No Child Too Far

We believe that every child deserves the right to survive and thrive as an individual, no matter who or where they are in the world. This means that we support children in need from right around the world - rather than selecting to sponsor just one child in one village or in one country. No matter what the complexity of the culture, geography, logistics or emergency response, no child is ever considered too far or too out of reach for UNICEF's work.

By providing us with flexible funds that are not tied to a specific activity, you'll allow UNICEF to be nimble and respond rapidly to fluid situations. You'll help us reach the children in greatest need in communities that may be out of the public spotlight. You'll be on the front lines with us, delivering critical services to the most disadvantaged children around the world. By choosing to sponsor all children in need, our Global Parents are able to make a worldwide impact - changing the lives of children and teenagers in countries like Vanuatu, Kiribati, Syria, Lebanon, Central Africa, and even right here in New Zealand.



Our Approach Changes Lives

We're not only about saving lives, but also about creating better futures for all children globally. As a UNICEF Global Parent, you are helping UNICEF to build a better future for all children around the world by pushing to provide access to education and healthcare for all children internationally. Healthier, happier and more curious children are the key to unlocking a sustainable and brighter future for us all - and Global Parents are proving to be a key part in driving the overall solution.

Make Good News


What you can do to make a difference

Join us! As a UNICEF Global Parent, you will be a part of a network of 20,000 Kiwi donors each fighting to make a difference where the need is greatest every day. Monthly donations give UNICEF the ability to plan new projects and to be proactive in shaping a better future for children everywhere. 

Your donations will be used to progress living standards for children internationally, by providing water pumps, education and key entrepreneurial technologies, nutrition and health supplies and community support for some of the world's most isolated and marginalised regions. You will also help our emergency teams to respond when disaster strikes around the world, often within 72 hours. Young children won't always understand what is happening in times of emergency - and your monthly support means that we can be on the ground and with them almost immediately in a frightening and confusing time - saving the lives of thousands of children every year.



300,000 Child Soldiers are fighting every day. You can rescue them.

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How Monthly Donations Work 

You decide how much you can commit to UNICEF's Global Parents programme each month and fill out the donation form below. You choose a date each month that suits you best to make your monthly donation, and each month we'll put through an automatic charge to your chosen credit card account for the amount you have selected. After that - you are then a key part of Global Parents! We'll keep you in the loop with where and how your donations are being spent around the world, and we will also let you know about the lives you are changing with us on a regular basis.



You can do something

Alina's life was changed by somebody just like you. At the age of five, Alina was already working each day in a Bolivian mine along with her parents, engaged as a young child labourer. With no way out, Alina was set to live out a short life in poverty, limited by having no education and poor health from her long days working in hazardous mining conditions. Luckily for Alina, she had a force of Global Parents behind her ready to take action against child labour. These days, Alina is playing with her friends and learning in an early child development centre - but there are still 246 million children just like her who need your help now.

Make Good News for kids like Alina
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Together we can help provide for where the need is greatest...

“Why do I give? The more you give, the more you receive. What I get back is much more…I get joy, peace and love. True giving, unconditional giving, giving without expecting is the real joy. As a Global Parent I feel I am a parent to all the children in the world. Other Global parents are like brothers and sisters to me. I find giving very exciting and I want to keep doing it as long as I can. - Owen Davies, a proud Global Parent.

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