Shaima, 8-years-old, waits her turn to get a meal.
“I've been waiting here for two hours, but I haven't gotten any food.”

Children of Gaza Crisis

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No Food. No Water. Nowhere is safe for children in Gaza.

For more than 150 days, children and families have been living in fear, as ongoing attacks and displacement continue. The shortage of essentials - food, water and medicines is putting kid's lives at risk every single day.

We're in Gaza providing life-saving humanitarian support to those most in need. More support is desperately needed as 300,000 kids are at risk of severe malnutrition.

Please donate to help send urgent aid to children in Gaza and the wider State of Palestine.

Donate before March 31st and claim 1/3 back as part of your tax rebate.

By giving


you can help change a child’s life.


Three challenges facing UNICEF in the Gaza Strip

How Can My Donation Make A Difference?

A donation of $90 could provide an emergency first-aid kit to help injured children and families in need of urgent medical care.

A donation of $60 could provide 100 packets of life-saving ready-to-use therapeutic food to treat malnourished kids.

A donation of $27 could provide 2,500 water purification tablets to ensure children forced to flee their homes have access to clean drinking water.

Sisters, 4-year-old Maria, front, and 9-year-old Dalia, pose for a photograph at their family's makeshift tent in a shelter for internally displaced persons in Rafah, southern Gaza.

© UNICEF/UNI504113/ alBaba

How's UNICEF responding in Gaza?

We're on the ground, alongside our humanitarian partners, delivering immediate support, including medical supplies, clean water, fuel, hygiene, nutrition supplements, sanitation and hygiene supplies, and mental health and psychosocial support.

Despite the ongoing challenges, we're working to move life-saving supplies across the border and into Gaza whenever logistically possible. Since October 21st, we've moved 489 trucks of humanitarian supplies into Gaza.

So far we've provided safe drinking water to 1.3 million people, critical water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) supplies to 438,000 people, medical supplies for more than 500,000 people, and winter clothing and blankets for 150,000 kids.

During the first half of February, 23 trucks brought critical emergency supplies including: ready-to-use infant formula (RUIF) to cover 4,000 babies for two months, Family hygiene kits for 5,000 families (25,000 people), Shelter tents and tarpaulins for 500 families, sanitary pads for 8,640 adolescents and sets of winter clothing for 11,600 children.

Since October, UNICEF has provided psychosocial support services to over 87,000 people in Gaza, including more than 66,000 children. And we've provided humanitarian cash assistance to 81,779 households in Gaza.

The delivery of aid is a matter of life or death for children in Gaza. However, the conditions to provide that aid are not consistently being met and our humanitarian response is unable to keep up with the growing needs of more than 1 million children. We need an immediate and long-lasting ceasefire to enable the urgent delivery of lifesaving aid.

The humanitarian situation is extremely precarious, we must be able to safely access children and their families with life-saving supplies and services – wherever they may be.

UNICEF delivers life-saving medicines and fluids in the Gaza Strip, including 800 cartons of antibiotics and 3,000 cartons of IV fluids amidst the escalating hostilities.

© UNICEF/UNI450177/Ajjour

Donate now before the end of the financial year

The end of the current financial year is 31st of March, 2024. Donations of over $5 made by this date are eligible for tax credits. You can claim 33.33 cents for every dollar donated.

If you've made a one-off donation(s) to UNICEF Aotearoa during the year, you will have been sent a tax receipt. If you're making a monthly donation, you will be sent a tax receipt by the end of April. You will need these receipts in order to claim a tax rebate.

If you haven't received a tax receipt for your one-off donation(s) please email us at [email protected] or call us on 0800 243 575.

How do I claim my tax rebate? 
The quickest way is to go to your myIR account, or alternatively, complete an IRD 526 form with your details. For more info visit .

Other ways you can donate

If you'd like to donate over the phone, call our friendly team on 0800 243 575.

If you'd like to donate direct to our bank account, please use account 01-0505-0463764-00 and the code 'gaza-ws'.


In the unlikely event that the funds raised exceed UNICEF's funding requirements for this appeal, your one-off or monthly donation will go to our Greatest Need Appeal. Your life-saving monthly donations will support this appeal for six months. After that they will go into our Global Parent fund to save and protect kids worldwide.

UPDATED: 1st March, 2024

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