Ukraine Emergency

Innocent children are suffering through ongoing war and displacement - they continue to need help.

What is the situation for children in Ukraine?

It's hell on earth. Day after day, for months on end, innocent children have been caught up in the devastation and displacement that war brings. The risk of death and injury is ever-present in kids' lives.

5.2 million children are suffering and need urgent humanitarian assistance. 

Critical infrastructure has been damaged, leaving children and families without safe water, healthcare, education, vaccines and protection from violence and exploitation. Millions of children are missing out on life’s essentials every day as the fighting rolls on.

Thanks to our donors, UNICEF has stayed in Ukraine and continues to deliver emergency supplies and support to children. We’ll stay and deliver throughout this war, and beyond, but as the needs increase, we're asking for caring Kiwis to step-up and help Ukrainian children and their families. 

With your kind support, we can help more people affected by this crisis. Please donate now to help protect Ukrainian Children. 

How have UNICEF donors been helping? 

Thanks to generous Kiwis up and down Aotearoa for providing the fuel so UNICEF can continue our urgent lifesaving work in Ukraine. 

UNICEF donors have helped to: 

  • provide access to safe water for over 3.5 million people inside Ukraine.  

  • provide almost 1 million people with sanitation and hygiene supplies. 

  • provide primary healthcare to 4.5 million people via UNICEF-supported facilities.

  • ensure more than 850,000 Ukrainian children received education opportunities. And distribute early childhood education (ECD) kits, recreation kits, and learning materials to 384,000 children across Ukraine.

  • reach almost 2.3 million children and caregivers with mental health and psychosocial support. 


A Ukrainian refugee family arrives at the Isaccea border crossing in Romania. They've fled Ismail, a town near the city of Odessa. But like many refugee families they've been split by the war, having to leave their father and older sister behind, not knowing when or if they'll see them again.

What are the needs of children and families in Ukraine? 

As the needs for Ukrainian children continue to grow, we won't stop delivering until we've reached every child. Any amount you can give today, will make a difference.

Here's a snapshot of the current needs:

  • Almost 10 million children and adults need help accessing safe water for drinking, cooking and personal hygiene.

  • 5.8 million people need critical water, sanitation and hygiene supplies.

  • 1.5 million children under 5 need vaccinations to protect against measles.

  • The lives of 100,000 children under 2 will be threatened by malnutrition. We aim to reach them with critical nutrition services.

  • 4.6 million school-aged children need help to continue their education.

UNICEF hygiene and sanitation supplies have been delivered to the humanitarian hub in Dnipro that supports internally displaced families fleeing the violence in their war-ragged cities.

How is UNICEF preparing for winter in Ukraine?

We're starting to plan for the cold wet months that lie ahead, by rolling out an integrated winter preparedness plan. We've already begun prepositioning winter supplies such as winter clothing, boots and blankets, as well as generators, heaters and fuel (pellets), in our warehouses. We'll be able to move quickly to distribute these through rapid response missions across Ukraine.

UNICEF has been in Ukraine for more than 25 years, and we’re not going anywhere. We have offices and teams across the country, and in neighbouring countries, working around the clock to deliver for children.

We have decades of experience responding in emergency situations (300+ each year). And with a web of supply hubs and logistic networks across the world, and expert committed staff on the ground - we are uniquely positioned to maximise the impact of every dollar donated.

Please donate now. 

You can help us continue to deliver life-saving supplies for Ukrainian children and their families. 


Alina (9) from Kharkiv, stands in an underground car park, where her family have been sheltering from the air attacks and shelling above. "I don't like this humidity, dust and cold,” says Alina. “While sleeping, I have to wear wool tights, warm pants and a coat. And it's not enough anyway, I'm always cold."

You can donate over the phone on 0800 243 575.

You can donate direct to our bank account 01-0505-0463764-00 using code UKR-WS


In the unlikely event that the funds raised exceed UNICEF’s funding requirements for this appeal, your one off or monthly gift will go to our Greatest Need.  

Your life-saving monthly donations will support this appeal for 6 months. After that they will go into our Global Parent fund to save and protect children worldwide.

UPDATED: 9th November, 2022.

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