Education- A happy girl attending class in the village of Nambonkaha, in the North of Côte d’Ivoire


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Strengthening a foundation of learning for every child, everywhere!

Poverty, emergency, location or gender; nothing should stop a child's education.

From preschool to high school, we're building stimulating learning environments at every stage and in every part of the world.

It's not just providing the tools, it's also helping to inspire every young child, so they can shape their own future filled with endless possibilities.

  • 28.3


    children were reached with essential learning materials in 2022

  • 37.9


    out-of-school children and teenagers accessed education in 2022

  • 18.6


    kids in an emergency were connected with necessary education in 2022

The art of play

From newborn to the everlasting energy of an eight year old, this period is the most influential stage of a child's development.

There’s nothing high tech that a young mind needs. In fact, it’s something simple, spontaneous and so special.

It’s the art of play. Play is how kids learn to navigate the world, build their imagination, knowledge and social skills.

Education- Emily, 4, playing at UNICEF-established preschool


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Education- A child plays at the UNICEF-supported Makani centre in Irbid


Anywhere can be a play space, but it’s not just for kids!

All around the world, UNICEF provides workshops to equip parents and caregivers with the skills needed to engage in playful parenting.

Four year old Taym takes part in one of these classes in Irbid.

Painting a productive play experience is the key to quality early childhood education. It’s not just fun – it’s fundamental to a child’s development!

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Unlocking potential in the Pacific

Education - Young kids playing in Viqueque, Timor Leste


Children are learning sponges. In those impressionable years, its paramount to give them a fun, fully resourced and safe space to soak up the best education possible.

In Kiribati, 70% of children regularly miss preschool. We’re giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential by implementing a fun, culturally inclusive curriculum. Supported by the New Zealand Aid Programme; the Kiribati government, donors and local agencies are all involved to help create just that!

Reading is a great tool to untap that potential. To enhance these young minds in Kiribati, UNICEF has consulted with key early childhood partners and sourced local artists to create eight illustrated storybooks. These books are culturally relevant, age-appropriate and inclusive to help young children absorb their culture and traditions, while fostering a love for reading.

Brick by brick we're building brighter futures for kids all over the Pacific.

In Timor-Leste, the New Zealand Aid Programme and UNICEF are working with 104 pre-schools to implement play based learning. Laying the foundations of numeracy, literacy and building on the essential social skills needed to grow.

Helping 3,000 kids soar to new heights!

Education- A child reading a book in Timor-Leste


The future is looking
even brighter for kids

At UNICEF, we’re always trying to create innovative solutions for the learning hurdles young kids face. We’re not just building physical schools, we're creating an environment fit for every child.

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"The UniSat programme is an opportunity to boost girls’ interest in aerospace careers and children’s overall interest in space throughout the country and beyond.”

—Raushan Ibrasheva, Innovation Officer, UNICEF Kazakhstan

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Education- The children are studying at the shelter of the kindergarten, where UNICEF has delivered new generators


Schools are lifelines

They’re a safe space, that provide routine, stability, connection with friends and protection from harm.

So when a crisis strikes you can’t postpone a child’s education. There is no pause button, only a future that could be lost forever.

It’s critical that every child can safely learn and thrive. The war in Ukraine has had a devastating impact on more than five million school aged children.

We've been in Ukraine for decades and were ready to respond, helping 3 million kids feel connected again with an online education curriculum and providing generators to keep school spaces running.

Our priority is to foster a safe place for healing, normalcy and hope for kids.

Education for every child

A fresh chapter starts when you have the freedom to continue to write your own story.

Afghanistan has taken a tragic step backwards for women’s rights, withholding the most powerful weapon of all, an education. From March 15 2021, young girls in grade 7-12 are banned from attending school.

A devasting development for 13 year old Arezzo, who hopes to one day become a pilot.

We’re committed to keeping schools open for high school aged girls by providing 38 million textbooks, training 1,200 female teachers and expanding our 10,000 community-based education classes.

Every young girl deserves to take ownership of their own story and empower themselves to take on the world.

Education - Arezzo, 13, a student in seventh grade at a private school is reading a book


“UNICEF wants to see every girl and boy across Afghanistan in school and learning...We will not stop advocating until that goal is achieved. Not only is education a right for every child, it is the foundation for future growth in Afghanistan.”

—UNICEF Afghanistan Representative, Dr. Mohamed Ayoya

Our Education progress around the globe!

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