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Right now, one child dies every 20 seconds from a vaccine-preventable disease. But your desperately needed support can save a child's life.


Vaccinations are essential to protect children from deadly and debilitating diseases. 

In fact, immunisation is the most successful and cost-effective way to keep children safe from serious illness.

Yet countless kids around the world are deprived of vital vaccinations each year. And it’s often vulnerable children that need vaccines the most, that are least likely to receive them.

We urgently need your support to protect children with life-saving immunisation.

Only with your support can we continue to buy over a billion vaccines each year, deliver them to more than 70 countries, keep each dose cold and safe, build trust in the vaccine and do whatever it takes to get them to vulnerable children.

Just $32 can help protect children from killer diseases, like measles, diphtheria and polio.

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UNICEF is a global leader when it comes to immunisation – last year we reached a staggering 45% of the world’s children with life-saving vaccinations!

Nowhere is too far to go to ensure every child is protected. We work relentlessly across the globe, climbing mountains and entering war zones to immunise even the most vulnerable and hard to reach children.

Kids are not only vaccinated against killer diseases, but are given nutrition screeningimmunity boosting vitamin A supplements and medical care for common childhood conditions.

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Ms. Oyunchimeg, a UNICEF health worker in Mongolia, travelled by reindeer, hand-drawn ferry, jeep and foot – to vaccinate children from remote nomadic communities.
In the last decade, the number of children dying of measles plummeted 71 percent. While this represents an enormous victory in the fight for child survival, our work is far from over - worldwide, measles remains one of the leading killers of young children.

This is especially true for children facing emergencies. In areas affected by disasters or conflict, where crowding and malnutrition is rife, such as refugee camps, child deaths from measles can soar to up to a devastating 30%.

Your support can help change this.

Donate now and be part of this great movement, saving children's lives no matter the circumstances.

Just $43 can protect 83 children from measles, a horrific disease which can cause blindness and severe brain damage - and continues to be one of the leading causes of death and disability for young children worldwide. 

Your life-saving donation today will help us carry out urgently needed immunisation around the world – from Yemen to Kiribati, Ethiopia and more.

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