Children’s Water Crisis

Donate now and give kids urgently needed clean water

No child should die from dirty water.

Yet right now, nearly 1,000 children under the age of five die needlessly from a lack of clean water each day.

Saving a child’s life is so simple and affordable.

Just $48 can provide 7000 water purification tablets to ensure kids have clean water to drink during emergencies and in war zones.

Please donate now and help give children clean water.

Stella and her baby's only water source is untreated and unsafe.

Without clean water, children living in desperate conditions are put in extreme danger.

More children die from dirty water in war zones or disasters, than from the conflict or disaster itself.

Meanwhile many children in developing countries have to walk hours each day, just to collect water which could be contaminated with deadly waterborne diseases.

Children cannot wait for clean water.

UNICEF is working tirelessly to ensure children in even the most remote and hard-to-reach areas have safe and sustainable clean drinking water - but to do that we urgently need your help.

Please donate now and help protect children.