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    Paddington Bear™ needs a travel buddy!  

    Pack your bear necessities, grab your passport and don’t forget the marmalade sammies!  

    Sign up for a monthly gift of $25 and as a bear-sized thank you, Paddington will send your child a personalised postcard (and more!) every month. With each pack your child will explore distant lands and learn about a different country and culture with Paddington.  

    We fully endorse Paddington’s decision to keep a marmalade sandwich in his hat, in case of an emergency. And we're just as prepared! Your monthly donations will go even further to support UNICEF’s life-saving work before, during and after emergencies. With help from you and Paddington, UNICEF can continue to build a world where every child is happy, healthy and safe. 

    It's pawsible to explore the world from your doorstep! Perfect for kids aged 4-10

    Grow your little one into a world explorer!

    Your child will receive a monthly mail pack from Paddington himself! Paddington's Postcards is jam-packed with fun, educational activities, stickers, stories, travel journal, world map and more!  

    We promise there won’t be any sticky pawed postcards. 

    Bring the world into your home with Paddington's Postcards
    Paddington's amazing pack will keep a child educated and entertained for hours

    Unpacking the Postcard!

    Check out everything you and your child will receive from Paddington each month.

    $25 per month- will help give kids...

    With your regular donation your kids will not only become seasoned explorers but they will also help bring hope to children all around the world.

    Provide protection from deadly diseases
    Protection from preventable diseases

    77.9 million kids vaccinated against highly contagious measles in 2022 alone. 

    Bring life-saving food to hungry kids
    Life-saving food for children in need

    2.6 million children were treated for severe acute malnutrition in 2022.

    Help educate and empower today's kids
    Empowerment through education

    28.3 million children were reached with essential learning materials in 2022.

    Ready, teddy, go!

    Buckle up and join in an adventure of a lifetime. Travel, learn and help support kids in need in just 4 easy steps!

    Just four easy steps to start the Paddington journey for your child

    In signing up to Paddington’s Postcards, you’ll be setting up a $25 monthly donation to UNICEF Aotearoa. Please note, these payments do not qualify for donation tax credit receipts. Your child will receive Paddington's Postcards for up to 12 months. After this time, your monthly gift will continue and go into our Global Parent fund to save and protect vulnerable children all around the world. We hope you'll continue to support UNICEF but you can change or cancel your gift at any time.

    Get your personalised postcard from Paddington - sign up now!


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