Kiwi role models that highlight the essential needs and ambitions of every child.

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Kiwi role models that highlight the essential needs and ambitions of every child.

UNICEF Aotearoa Ambassadors use their influence to spread the word of fundraisers and campaigns that support kids in New Zealand and offshore. They rally behind UNICEF, making sure the most vulnerable tamariki and rangatahi get life-saving support as well as long-term initiatives for a better, sustainable future! 

We have some incredible Global Goodwill Ambassadors representing us from all industries and parts of the world - like Katy Perry, David Beckham, and Liam Neeson, among others. If you're curious to see the full list of our Global Goodwill Ambassadors, head over here.

Now, let's introduce you to our UNICEF Aotearoa Ambassadors. We can't thank them enough for their incredible dedication and efforts to spread the word about children's rights. They're doing an awesome job, and we're so grateful for their support!

UNICEF Aotearoa Ambassador rugby legend Dan Carter in a DC10 Fund shirt

Dan Carter

After hanging up his Rugby boots, rugby legend Dan was ready for a new challenge and is getting stuck in as an UNICEF Aotearoa Ambassador. 

He's all about championing children's rights, not just here in NZ but across the globe.

Dan is passionate about helping kids in the Pacific access clean and sustainable water systems that are resistant to the impacts of climate change.

By raising funds and shedding light on important issues, Dan's got his eyes set on empowering tamariki and their communities.  

Dan Carter smiling with kids from the Pacific

“This has always been about helping to bring clean water and sanitation to kids in the Pacific; life-saving and life-changing stuff ... the building blocks for children to reach their dreams.”

—Dan Carter

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Laura McGoldrick

A well-known voice and face in Kiwi households, the charismatic media personality and TV presenter, Laura McGoldrick, joins UNICEF Aotearoa.

Her reasons for joining are to generate awareness of children’s issues, elevate children’s voices and raise funds for UNICEF-supported projects.

As a mum to two tamariki, Laura’s passion for promoting children’s rights runs deep - to ensure all kids everywhere have the right to education, nutrition and a childhood where they don’t just survive, but thrive. 

UNICEF Aotearoa Ambassador Laura McGoldrick
UNICEF Aotearoa Ambassador Laura McGoldrick

"I remember seeing the work of UNICEF when I was growing up, then when I had my own kids, it really hit home that not all children have equal opportunities. With the platform I have now, I want to ensure that I am doing all I can for children in NZ and around the world."

-Laura McGoldrick

Karl Urban

One of New Zealand’s most acclaimed actors, Karl Urban, joined the UNICEF Aotearoa crew as an official ambassador in May 2022.

He's motivated to help UNICEF raise awareness about issues facing kids, whether it's right here in New Zealand or on the global stage. 

Ambassadors like Karl shine a light on the situations facing kids, while encouraging donations that help more kids to access lifesaving support! 

UNICEF Aotearoa Ambassador acclaimed Kiwi actor Karl Urban
Karl Urban appointed as new UNICEF Aotearoa New Zealand Ambassador

“UNICEF really helps build a bridge to a better life, and I hope you’ll join me ... support UNICEF and support the children.”

—Karl Urban

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