Tow boys hold onto a tree, surrounded by floodwaters from a recent weather emergency.

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Your signature has strengthened the power of this petition to protect kids from extreme weather events caused by climate change. By supporting UNICEF Aotearoa, together we’ll be pushing our Government to take action now.

Help us make some noise! The louder we are, the best chance we can give this petition its day in Parliament!

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What comes next?

Step 1

Once our petition has closed, we’ll present it to an MP or group of MPs on the steps of Parliament - no matter which party governs.

Step 2

The Petitions Committee (a Parliamentary Select Committee made up of a group of MPs from different parties) will gather more information and evidence before considering our petition.

Step 3

Once the Petitions Committee has finished considering the petition, they will publish a report on the findings. The Government will then have 60 days to respond to the recommended actions.

For more details on this process, see here.

Looking for other ways to get involved?

We’re committed to transparency. To see how we split up expenses and manage our costs, read our annual report or visit UNICEF Open to see a live overview of all our projects.

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UNICEF Aotearoa is a registered charity with the New Zealand Charities Commission (CC35979), making you eligible for a tax refund of up to a third of your donation. All transactions are billed in New Zealand dollars.

UNICEF Aotearoa operates from Level 5, 86 Victoria Street, Wellington 6011, New Zealand.