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UNICEF Aotearoa's Young Ambassador Programme is all about creating a platform to showcase young people’s voice on the issues that matter to them. Here and around the world.

We want to help create an accessible and meaningful way for young people to champion their internationally recognised rights here in Aotearoa. YA's engage in advocacy activities across the country and around the world as part of our global whānau.

Each year we support up to eight Young Ambassadors aged 17-24 across the country, to build their confidence in speaking up for what’s important to the next generation.

What do the YA's do?

YA's travel across New Zealand to meet and understand what matters most to other rangatahi while representing individual communities and cultures. As part of the programme, participants also receive specialist training and tons of support in wider youth engagement.

Supported by UNICEF Aotearoa, the YA's are able to raise the important issues with the key decision-makers.

Young Ambassadors at COP28 with James Shaw

"I want young people to feel like they have a space in New Zealand to advocate and be activists. That if they see someone like me, they realise there's room for them as well. That their lived experiences are incredibly valid, and that what they're going though is deeply important and want to hear their stories and make things better!"

Vira Paky, UNICEF Aotearoa Young Ambassador

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Who are the YA's?

It doesn’t matter what background, skill set or experience UNICEF Aotearoa's Young Ambassadors come with. It doesn’t matter where they were born or went to school, how high their grades are or even what colour your hair is.

Our Young Ambassadors are people who champion the rights of rangatahi and speak out on the social and environmental issues important to them. They empower other young people to find their own voice and speak out on what they feel strongly about too.

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Get In Touch

Ngā mihi for your interest in UNICEF Aotearoa and the Young Ambassador Programme. Throughout the year, we may seek young people to participate in advocacy initiatives and/or consultations. If interested in registering, please complete the questions in this survey.

2023 YA Highlights!

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