The kids who need us most

When you donate to the greatest need, that’s exactly where your money goes.

Currently, malnutrition is rapidly becoming an urgent humanitarian crisis across the Horn of Africa, South Sudan and Yemen, with multiple countries all facing severe food shortages.

Conflict and drought have ravaged these areas and millions of young lives are at risk as families struggle to find enough food to eat.

Nigerian child suffering from malnutrition

A famine has officially been declared in South Sudan after war and a collapsing economy has left over 100,000 people facing starvation, and 5.5 million more urgently needing assistance to meet basic nutritional requirements.

When a famine is declared, it means people have already started dying of hunger.

We must step up to help all of these vulnerable children.

You donation will help UNICEF treat children for malnutrition, provide immunisation services, safe water and sanitation services which prevent recurring malnutrition.

A baby in South Sudan eating PlumpyNut

We are 100% funded by voluntary contributions. Our ability to provide millions with life-saving vaccines, mosquito nets, nutrition support, clean drinking water, education, protection from exploitation and abuse, and shelter when they need it most depends on the generosity and commitment of our donors all over the world.

When you give to the greatest need, you're with us always, working on the front lines to help children. And we promise that your support will reach the kids who need it most.

Page last updated: 22 Feb 2017 10:52am
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