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Our business partners help to uphold child rights, and work with us on specificĀ projects for children around the world and in
New Zealand.

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Your business can make an

A partnership with UNICEF lets your organisation truly impact society in a positive way

Businesses have major influence over the direction of society and through action, wider cultural shifts can be initiated.

If an industry or organisation decides to abandon child labour, or to speak in favour of child rights, real progress for children can be achieved.

Every business interacts with children on a daily basis, whether directly or indirectly. They each have an enormous power to protect children from harm - not only from avoiding child labour and exploitation through good sourcing ethics, but also through how they operate their business from day to day.

From treating employees fairly, to using products that aren't harmful for the environment or for human consumption, or choosing to exert influence on social and economic development, a business has many ways to make a real impact for kids.

Despite the growth in corporate responsibility and the business and human rights agenda in recent times, children as stakeholders and their rights still are not always being addressed explicitly within the private sector.

UNICEF New Zealand is working to change this picture in New Zealand, by partnering with leading organisations to help encourage a child-friendly business culture in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

If your organisation is looking to grow its corporate social responsibility footprint, and is interested in partnering with us, please get in touch with Fran at [email protected].

Grow corporate social responsibility footprint

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These businesses are some of our global partners and we're hugely proud to have them on side.

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