For every child, care in EMERGENCIES

$29 = can protect 50 kids in emergenices against outbreaks of measles

Whether children face natural disasters, disease or war, UNICEF races to respond with life-saving food, water, shelter and medicines. But we can only do this because of regular donations. Start your monthly support today and help us ensure supplies are ready when they’re needed most!

For every child, FOOD

$30 = can give 50 packets of life-saving therapeutic food to malnourished kids.

As the world's largest supplier of ready-to-use therapeutic food, UNICEF is fighting hunger across the globe. Just three packets of life-saving Plumpy’Nut® a day can pull a starving and malnourished child back from the brink. As a monthly donor, you will help end child hunger.

For every child, clean water

$32 = can give 5,000 water purification tablets for families in need

Clean water is vital for survival, but countless children around the world still struggle to access it. As a monthly donor, you will help protect children from waterborne diseases and setup long-term clean water sources for entire communities in need.

For every child, healthcare


UNICEF is responsible for 45% of the world’s children being vaccinated. Yet in some parts of the world, children still die from diseases which are easily treated and prevented. We urgently need more monthly
donors like you to help protect and save young lives.

For every child, Protection

$45 = can give 2 tarpaulin shelters to keep displaced children & families safe

Vulnerable children are always targets for abuse. UNICEF is here to make that stop. From fighting to end child marriage, to freeing child soldiers and stopping child labour, you can help us be there to provide safe spaces, support and protection from abuse in all its forms.

For every child, Education

$20 = can give 5 girls EXercise books to kickstart their education

Education is key to breaking cycles of poverty and exploitation - creating a ripple effect of opportunity that improves the lives of generations to come. And in times of war or disaster, it gives children the resilience needed to recover from trauma.

For every child, A Better future

$100 = can help our advocacy team to promote nz issues and support kiwi kids

UNICEF is fighting for every child to survive, thrive and reach their full potential. We speak out for children in New Zealand and around the world, and challenge governments and decision-makers to create better policies for kids. As a monthly donor, you can help create this better, fairer world.

All it takes is a small, ongoing gift to protect children from deadly diseases, bring them back from the brink of starvation and protect them from danger.

Join us and help change a child's life forever.

**UNICEF NZ is a registered charity with the New Zealand Charities Commission (registration CC35979), making all donations tax refundable.

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Where will my monthly donations go?

Your life-saving donations will help children with the greatest need, at any given time.


You'll give life-saving medical support and help vaccinate children against deadly diseases.

Water & sanitation

You'll provide clean drinking water, soap and sanitation facilities to entire communities in need.

Nutritious Food

You'll supply desperately needed therapeutic food to starving and malnourished children.

UNICEF NZ is a registered charity with the New Zealand Charities Commission (registration CC35979), making all donations tax refundable.

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