Chemical weapons are harming Syrian children

After the recent chemical weapons attack in Idlib, Syria, innocent children are now fighting to survive. Some have already lost their lives. 

Elsewhere around the country, 280,000 more children are trapped under siege, and after six long years of conflict, the suffering these children have endured is unimaginable. 

Now, more than ever, the children of Syria need your support.

Conflict is all they've ever known

312 weeks.

2190 days.

It's longer than the Great War. Longer than World War Two.

It's how long the conflict in Syria has been going on for. And for many children, it's all they've ever known.

Today there is no place worse in the world to be a child, than in Syria. Six years of prolonged violence and war have claimed many innocent young lives, and continue to impact children each day. The future for children in Syria still hangs in the balance.

UNICEF is responding in Syria, delivering billions of litres of fresh water every day, as well as providing children across the country with food, medicine, safe places to shelter from the fighting, and the chance to learn in child-friendly spaces. But more help is needed, now.

UNICEF is one of the few international humanitarian organisations operating in Syria. We do so because children there need us, and we need you.

Fares' Story

Syria 6 Years On - Fares and classmates

9 year old Fares was out of school, supporting his mother and younger brother by selling beans and waterpipe in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, when UNICEF found him. He desperately wanted to attend school, but his family's financial situation prevented him from doing so. "Register me in any school you want", he told UNICEF when we interviewed him, "I’d like to become an engineer or a doctor."

Fares' story mirrors those of hundreds of thousands of Syrian children and the barriers they face in getting an education.

But thanks to UNICEF donors who are helping to provide educational support and learning materials for children in Lebanon, Fares is now in school and learning to read and write for the first time in his life.



How can I help children?

UNICEF is one of the few organisations working for children inside Syria and in surrounding countries. 

As the conflict continues into it's sixth year, children desperately need clean drinking water, therapeutic food, warm blankets, medicine, vaccines and counselling services for the trauma they've experienced.  

You can be a part of saving these young lives by making a donation that helps provide urgent supplies to children who need it most.

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