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The on-going conflict in Syria is devastating for children. After four years of conflict, 7.6 million children have been left vulnerable and traumatised. By the end of 2015 that figure will be over 8.6 million.

These children have lost their parents, their homes, their schools and their childhoods. They are confused and frightened, and living without adequate shelter, food, water and sanitation. This is no life for a child.

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"Nothing could have prepared me for seeing the impact of the Syrian crisis on children." - Vivien Maidaborn

In May 2015, I was in Lebanon meeting children and seeing first-hand the impact the Syrian crisis is having on their lives. Nothing could have prepared me for how vulnerable and traumatised these children were, or for the conditions in which they are living.

These children desperately need our help.

There are a staggering 1.2 million children in Lebanon who have been affected by the Syrian conflict. They are living lives full of trauma, fear and confusion - they are children like Adam, Sheaan and Zeinab.

Syrian refugee baby Adam with Vivien Maidaborn

Adam was only 13 days old when his mother let me cuddle him. The first few weeks are the most vulnerable in any child's life - I worried about what the future would hold for Adam. His parents are refugees from Syria and Adam's home is little more than cardboard and plastic sheets.

More than 42,000 children, like Adam, have been born as refugees in Lebanon since 2011. They need our help to get food, water and healthcare.

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I met 5-year-old Sheaan at a UNICEF supported Learning Centre.

Her father was killed in the fighting in Syria and her mother couldn't cope and abandoned her with her grandmother. Sheaan was so traumatised she couldn't speak when she arrived in Lebanon 18 months ago.

She has been receiving treatment from a psychologist and it's only in the last 6 months that she is starting to speak again.

UNICEF have identified 120,000 children needing psychological support in 2015. So far we only have funding to reach half this number of children.

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Zeinab fled Syria with her family 3 years ago. They live in a tiny garage attached to ;a truck workshop where her father works.

Zeinab was top of her class in Syria, but when she first arrived in Lebanon it was too late to enrol in school. She's been attending a UNICEF supported informal learning programme, and now she's been accepted into afternoon classes at a local public school.

Like any child, she has dreams for the future, and wants to become a doctor. With support from donors, UNICEF is helping her and other children achieve their goals through education.

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