Syrian children urgently need our help.

Today there is no place worse in the world to be a child, than in Syria. Almost 6 years of prolonged violence and war has claimed many innocent young lives, and continues to impact children each day. The future for children in Syria hangs in the balance.

UNICEF is responding in Syria, delivering billions of litres of fresh water every day, as well as providing children across with food, medicine, safe places to shelter from the fighting and the chance to learn in child friendly spaces. But more help is needed, now.

UNICEF is one of the few international humanitarian organisations operating in Syria. We do so because children their need us, and we need you



How can I help children?

UNICEF is one of the few organisations working for children inside Syria and in surrounding countries, as well as for child refugees travelling across Europe. The children critically need clean water, food, warmth, and to get back to school. You can help these children by making a donation that helps provide urgent life-saving supplies to children affected by the Syrian Crisis.

Mosul Children Graphic 

Your donation could help to: 

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