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Yemen Children's Crisis

The war in Yemen has taken a devastating toll on children. They urgently need food, clean water and medicine to survive.

As the city of Hodeida comes under attack – the threat against Yemen’s children has never been greater.

Every day, millions of children depend on the humanitarian and commercial goods that come through Hodeida’s port for their survival. Choking off this lifeline will have devastating consequences for children.

We urgently need your help to deliver life-saving supplies to vulnerable kids.


Without food imports, one of the world’s worst food crises will only worsen. And without fuel imports, critical for water pumping, countless children will lose access to clean drinking water.

This will lead to even more cases of cholera, a devastating waterborne disease which can kill within hours if left untreated.

UNICEF is already on the ground in Yemen, responding with life-saving aid. We have urgently needed medicines, ready-to-use food, and water and hygiene kits, but the situation is desperate and resources are severely stretched.

UNICEF will never give up on children in need. But we depend completely on donations to deliver our life-saving support. Please help us save Yemen's children.

An injured child is being treated at Althawra Hospital. 

Yemen is facing the world’s largest humanitarian crisis, and UNICEF urge all parties to the conflict to put the protection of children above all other considerations. Every effort must be made to keep children safe and to provide them with the health, protection, water, sanitation, nutrition and education services they desperately need.

Please help save Yemen’s children. 

Donate online now and give children the supplies they urgently need to survive.

Just $30 can buy 300 oral rehydration salts, to help children recover from the deadly effects of cholera.

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