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We Can't Run From War And Then Die From The Cold

Syrian children have had their childhoods torn apart by war. And now they face a threat they can't escape: winter.

Right now, a deadly winter is approaching for Syrian children. Facing freezing temperatures, fierce winds and snow storms, children already living on the brink will struggle to survive. These are children like Yahya.

Yahya is only 15 months old.

It has been almost 4 years since his family sought shelter at the Domiz Refugee Camp in Dohuk, Iraq. But having fled the conflict in Syria with little more than the clothes on their back, they face the harshness of winter unprotected.

Janda, Yahya’s mother tells us more:

The first year we came here was very, very cold. We didn’t have anything. We didn’t have a heater, water or electricity. We had to melt snow just to have something to drink.

We have been through so much. Even now, we are so scared sometimes.

We live in a tent, but the wind and snow used to break it often. We had to rebuild it every time.

I worry how I’ll keep my children warm this winter. Last year my brother-in-law’s tent caught fire and three children inside died. We’re so scared of having a fire now.

Yahya was born in a clinic here at the camp, but he has been badly affected by the cold and the dirt in the air. He has lung issues. Even we suffer as adults.

I hope my children have a better life than I've had. And wish that they don't see and suffer what I did. There's nothing left in Syria. Only war. Where would we go back to?

We can’t run from war and then die from the cold.

Yahya, age 15 months.

UNICEF is working around the clock to ensure that children like Yahya survive. But as each day passes, the urgency to get life-saving winter supplies to the most vulnerable and hard to reach children increases. Without urgent intervention, countless children will die.

We must act now to save young lives.

Just $62 can give a child like Yahya, an entire set of warm clothing to protect them during the harsh winter months.

We need you. The children need you. Please give what you can today.