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The Greatest Need

Whether facing disasters, conflict or disease – you’ll be giving the most vulnerable children around the world the chance to survive and thrive.

Save Children in Danger

Reaching children quickly and effectively is critical when an emergency strikes. Whether through conflict, natural disasters or disease, children are thrown into danger and cannot wait for life-saving supplies.

UNICEF needs to be ready to respond to save vulnerable young lives.

When you donate to the greatest need, you’re ensuring that we can help the children that need us most, at any given time.

You could be helping free children from armed groups in South Sudan, feed starving children in Yemen, vaccinate kids in the Pacific, or much much more.

Your gift will help deliver the life-saving support that is urgently needed.

Just $42 can give 2 tarpaulins, to create shelters that will keep children and their families safe after an emergency hits.

We need you. The children need you. Please give what you can today.

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