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UNICEF supporters have protected 3000 Syrian refugee children from a deadly winter in Jordan.

Over 3,800 Syrian refugee children are living in informal tented settlements across Jordan. Yet these flimsy makeshift shelters do little to protect children from the harsh winter months. Kids face storms, snow and flooding – all the while temperatures plummet to near freezing.

Many Syrian children struggle to survive the relentless conditions, but thanks to generous UNICEF donors, 3000 vulnerable children have received warm winter clothing kits this week. These life-saving packages provide children with the vital protection they need to survive the cold.

Here are just some of the children that UNICEF supporters have protected through winter:

“I like the new clothes. They’re warm.” Says Mariam, age 4.

“The cold at home is a killer,” says Mariam's father Zaid.

“The children needed new shoes and winter clothes, because they have nothing else to keep them warm. We still need heaters.”

“The fact that people are thinking about us, that people care about us – it means everything.”

Safi, age 7 came to Jordan six years ago.

“Today is the first time in six years where my children have new warm winter clothes and they are so thrilled,” says Safi's mother Fatima. “They have never been happier. We could never afford to buy them.”

“At night it’s the coldest. Sometimes we have to sacrifice a week’s worth of food to buy diesel so we can use the heater for a short time. We really struggle during these winter nights. Our problems start multiplying when it rains. The water seeps in and everything is damp and cold. We put towels and buckets out to stop leaks and try to keep the tent dry.”

“We are so thankful to see the children as happy as they are today. We just wish that we could provide more for our children so that we could see them this happy every day,” says Fatima.

Sita, 4 years, and Tawaseef, 5 years, wearing their new winter clothes.

“I like the boots the most! This shoe looks pretty!” says Tawaseef excitedly trying on her new clothes.

Before the distribution she only had sandals and a long-sleeved t-shirt to keep her warm, despite the cold weather.

“The scarf is soft and I love it!” says Sita.

Hamam, 5 years, and his sister Sham, 4 years, sit on children's winter clothing kits.

“The winter has been cold. We have nothing,” says the children’s father Sultan.

“To survive the winter, we need heaters, stoves, warm clothes – we need everything possible to keep us warm. To protect ourselves from the weather, we bought plastic sheets to cover the tents.”

“This is the first time that we have received assistance like this. The children are really happy. The help we get from UNICEF is so important for our children.”

Mariam, five months old, tries on her new winter hat.

“Every year, we buy plastic sheets and fabric for the tents but water still gets in and it gets cold,” says Mariam’s mother Jawaher.

“This is the second year we are receiving the winter clothing. It definitely helps us survive winter. We’re thankful for it.”

Fatima holds her baby Faras, 5 months old, in her neighbour's tent. Heavy winds and snow collapsed her own tent.

"Yesterday it snowed," she explains. "It started when we were asleep and then the tent collapsed on top of us. The neighbours came and helped us to get the children out. One of my children fell. They were so scared, they all started crying."

"I want him to study and learn, not like us. Life is too difficult here on these farms."

Muna, 11 years, Rahaf, 5 years and Reem, 10 years received winter clothes this week.

“When I saw the clothes, I was very happy," Muna says. “Because for a very long time, we didn’t have any. It gets cold at night and its really tough. When it’s time to go to school but it’s cold out, I can’t go because I don’t have any shoes. But now I can go to school.”

This life-saving work for children has only been possible thanks to the generosity of UNICEF donors.  However, there is still so much to do and so many more vulnerable children that need help.

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