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Rohingya Children's Monsoon Emergency

Rohingya children survived extreme violence, but now they face a danger they can’t escape: monsoon season 

Over half a million Rohingya children have escaped unspeakable acts of violence in Myanmar, only to face a new danger in Bangladesh - monsoon season.

Vulnerable children and their families are living in shelters built on sandy ground – much of which has now turned into mud - as relentless rains continue and flood water rises rapidly. 

UNICEF is working around the clock to protect refugee children, but the situation is desperate. We urgently need your help to provide life-saving support.

Rohingya refugee children struggle with the mud collecting on a retaining wall

"Children live in bamboo shelters and put tarpaulins up for a roof. If they have heavy rains or strong winds, they will be wiped away. A landslide could happen at any time. For the children it's very terrible because these kids need a proper shelter." 

"When the monsoon comes, the whole day they are wet." says Shamsul Saanyu, a Rohingya Refugee now living in Auckland. He knows what it’s like for Rohingya people and has family over there that he worries about. 

“I am so concerned for them and only aid agencies are helping them."

"They really really need help."


Flimsy makeshift shelters are in danger of becoming flooded with raw sewage and polluting the only water children have to drink. Children are exposed to deadly waterborne diseases like cholera, which can spread rapidly and kill within hours.

UNICEF is on the ground feeding and vaccinating children, while establishing flood defences, medical service points and providing clean drinking water. 

Just $35 can buy 5000 water purification tablets, to ensure children can access safe clean drinking water.

 Rohingya refugee boy struggles through the mud during the first days of monsoon rain

The Rohingya crisis is set to worsen as vulnerable children face displacement and natural disaster.

Make an emergency donation to give Rohingya children in Bangladesh:

* Clean water, flood defences, sanitation and hygiene kits to protect children from waterborne diseases.

* Emergency healthcare, life-saving medicines and vaccinations.

* Ready-to-eat therapeutic food, so that Rohingya children have all the essential nutrients needed to keep them fed and healthy.

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