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Changing Children’s Lives Through Literature.

New Zealander Jessica Stall is helping to change the lives of children at home and overseas.

Jessica Stall turned her back on a lucrative career overseas to launch a children’s book publisher – The Kids Book Company. Now she's helping to change the lives of children in New Zealand and overseas, with her new book 'My Incredible Name'.

Her book is inspiring kids to have self-belief, while raising life-changing funds for vulnerable children around the world.

"With every book sold, we donate up to 50 percent to UNICEF. The work UNICEF does for children around the world, particularly in gender equality, resonates with me and is true to my heart.

To purchase Jessica’s latest children’s book ‘My Incredible Name’ click here and enter UNICEFNZ5 for a 5% discount.

Jessica’s mum was a teacher at St Paul’s in Auckland and she met many kids who couldn’t afford to bring lunch to school and were trapped in the vicious spiral of poverty.  She met kids who couldn’t see any opportunities for themselves.

These memories stayed with Jess and after a successful career with a tourism photography company, she decided to follow her dream and, along with two friends, launched The Kids Book Company.

She now wants to inspire all children to have self-belief.

"Every child has unlimited potential but what curbs that potential, is that slow and consistent beating down, and in New Zealand we tend to bring people down without realising it.

"If we can support children to grow up and think ‘Actually, I am incredible’ or ‘I am really kind’ or ‘I am really loved’, that would be amazing.

"In our latest personalised book My Incredible Name, children are inspired to see how incredible they are and what they can achieve."

"There is massive gender inequality in children’s books. Female characters often have to wait to be rescued and there’s a lack of female heroes who stand on their own two feet.  It’s important for us to have no gender bias in our books.

"We have a review crew which includes a range of children, parents, teachers, and librarians who provide feedback. Kids are the best reviewers because they can be so brutal!

"We also employ Mums who work part-time around their kids."

"Knowing that we can make a difference to a child’s life is a powerful driving force. It’s about hope."

To purchase Jessica’s latest children’s book ‘My Incredible Name’ click here and enter UNICEFNZ5 for a 5% discount.