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Little Girl. Big Imagination.

Maia has loved writing since she was five years old. Now she's using that passion to help vulnerable children around the world.

There were queues at The Children’s Bookshop in Wellington, as ten year old Maia Brown launched her latest book ‘Young Elements Academy’.

Maia has loved writing since she was five years old. Usually she doesn’t finish her stories but now she is a published author with over 100 copies sold.

All the proceeds from her book will go to UNICEF as Maia is passionate about helping children around the world.

“I worry about other children who are growing up in war-torn countries. I think if they would call it quits on the war in Syria then more children would be able to become teachers and inventors and make their dreams come true. The war is definitely preventing that, which makes me very sad.”

Maia is proud her book can make a difference and hopes that all children can be proud of what they achieve.

She proudly reads an extract from her book to the crowd:

"A single scarlet pinprick of blood and the tiniest little tear hit the page, combining and mixing into each other, and distributing out like crawling veins of ink as they spread over the parchment."

As Maia signs her last book for the day, she’s excited to learn that they’ve completely sold out! Nowa second print-run is planned so Maia can help even more children reach their potential.

You can help support children around the world by ordering your copy of Young Elements Academy here.