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A Deadly Winter Looms For Children In Syria

Syrian children have already been through so much. And now as a deadly winter looms, children face snow storms and the freezing cold.

Syrian children have had their childhoods torn apart by war. They’ve survived years of fighting. And now as a deadly winter looms, they are fighting to stay warm.

Millions of displaced children are growing up without access to even the most basic supplies. And as temperatures plummet, children like Hala, age 3 months, are in danger of losing their lives.

Having fled fighting in eastern Aleppo, Hala’s mother remained desperately worried about her baby’s safety. Relieved about escaping the violence, she nevertheless lamented how “Hala was born during the worst times for our family.”

Hala, along with her mother and sister sought refuge in a former warehouse in Jibreen, Syria. 8,000 displaced people were crowded into this shelter, desperate to find somewhere safe and warm. Yet the congregated iron and concrete floors did little to protect them from the cold. 

With little more than the clothes on their back, Hala’s family, like many others, live on the brink. Syrian families have had their finances wiped out from years of conflict, and parents struggle to provide food, medicine and clothing for their children.

“When we fled our neighbourhood”, says Hala’s mother, “I was so concerned about Hala, especially after I heard that a baby died because of the cold in the shelter.”

Hala and her sister were just one family UNICEF managed to help last year. Thanks to the generosity of supporters, they received warm winter clothing, thermal blankets and other life-saving supplies. But as another bitter winter looms, we cannot forget the children that need our help today.

Hala, age 3 months, received warm winter clothing to help protect her from the cold.

This nightmare is sadly a reality for millions of Syrian families.

Countless children are living in exposed make-shift shelters, some even in just tents. Many of these children don’t have coats or gloves – some are even having to walk barefoot in the snow. Trapped living in these dire conditions, children easily catch deadly illnesses brought on by the wet and cold. Without blankets and warm clothing, children will struggle to survive.

UNICEF is working around the clock to source and deliver winter clothing before the worst weather hits. But as each day passes, the urgency to get supplies to the most vulnerable and hard to reach children increases.

Your support can help ensure that children in desperate need receive warm winter clothing and thermal blankets to protect them from the cold. It could mean the difference between life and death for some of the world’s most vulnerable children.

Just $21 can give 3 thermal blankets to protect children from the cold.

Please donate today and help save a child’s life.

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