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UNICEF's Childhood Challenge

The Childhood Challenge is simple: pull out that old photo album and reminisce about your favourite childhood memories. It’s a sure way to brighten up your week. Take a look at our favourite staff snaps!

The first half of 2020 has been uncertain and stressful. News of Covid-19’s spread around the world has been inescapable. 

First we watched and worried the virus might  reach our shores.  Then we locked down.  We’ve seen countries in Europe revert back to strict lockdown measures, as new cases flared up. We’ve read about the devastation Covid-19 is likely to cause in countries like Yemen and Bangladesh. All that negative news can feel overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to take a step back, breathe and take a moment to do something fun.

That’s where UNICEF’s Childhood Challenge comes in. The challenge is simple: pull out that old photo album and reminisce about your favourite childhood memories. It’s a sure way to brighten up your week.

We’ll be flipping through those photo albums online using the hashtag #ChildhoodChallenge. On June 27, browse through Facebook or Instagram and take a look at all the wonderful old photos UNICEF supporters have posted. You might even spot a celebrity or two. 

Our staff up and down the country have dug out their own childhood photos to take part in the challenge. Take a look at our favourite staff snaps below!  

Aaron & Sue
Aaron & Sue


I have great memories of school, my favourite subjects were always P.E, Art, Geography and Biology. Had some great teachers too, they play such an important role in our lives when we are young. I work at UNICEF to help make sure every child has access to a great education like I did. 


When I was about 10 and living in Christchurch, I had the day off school because of the snow. I was attempting to build a snowman - my childhood was carefree with space to roam and play safely. That's one of the things I would like for every child to have - space to play and be safe.

Jasmine & Lauren
Jasmine & Lauren


I loved nature and flowers then, and I love them now and want to be around it all the time. I hope all children get this experience growing up.


I loved dressing up in different costumes and putting on performances for my family. I would usually be found painting, watching Beauty and the Beast or climbing trees outside.

Fran & Geo
Fran & Geo


Even without my front teeth I had so much to smile about in my childhood. I want the same happy memories for my daughters and all children. 


My childhood was colourful and adventurous! I was a very confident and outgoing little marshmallow that spent her summers riding the waves, and hanging out at our local Surf Club. Being able to participate in club sports was a highlight of growing up for me, and I support UNICEF now because of their dedication to making sure that every child has a chance to play!

Richard & Liam
Richard & Liam


My childhood was filled with laughter, love, and an introduction to travel - sparking my passion in life. I support UNICEF, because UNICEF wants this for every child around the world.


I’m almost three and feeling pretty glam in my faux branded tops. We may not have grown up with much but we at least had some important essentials; food, medicine, soap and clean water to name a few. Not to mention a roof over our heads. I support UNICEF NZ so children in need around the world can have the same necessities.

Maria & Becs
Maria & Becs


I am the ‘big girl’ in this photo. I am sitting with my sister Therese who is 15 months younger than me, so I must have been about two. I have always been close to her so it was lovely to rediscover this photo. My Dad looks so young!


If I have one memory from my childhood, it is of my best friend - my cat Pepper. I got him for Christmas when I was four years old and he was with me until cancer took him away on my 19th Birthday. 15 years of cuddles and unconditional love.

Becky & Hamish
Becky & Hamish


I grew up in a high control religious cult. Like most children within this group, my contact with ‘worldly’ people was highly restricted and further education discouraged. My childhood left me with a strong resistance to authority and anger at abuse of power and indoctrination of children.


That’s me aged five under the haystack, this is my brother and I at our grandparents’ house on the Isle of Skye, we would visit them for a few weeks every summer during the holidays, great memories of being out in the countryside in a beautiful place, visiting relatives, going for walks and having lots of loving family around.

Stevie-Jean and Brandi
Stevie-Jean and Brandi


This is me and my older sister, when it was just the two of us. Not long after it became six of us! I couldn’t imagine my life without the fun, laughter and support of my siblings. My big sister has always been like having a second mum. I want to acknowledge all children who help take care of their younger siblings. You help make the world a better place, just like my big sister did for me.


Our best friends were our cousins. Happy whanau, happy life #whanaungatanga.

Anna & Shelley
Anna & Shelley


I'm four years old in this photo - I used to love playing dress ups and picking flowers at my Grandma's house. I felt very regal! I work at UNICEF to make sure more children around the world get to have a happy childhood like I did.


My childhood felt like endless summers. Sandcastles, ice blocks and handstand competitions. All kids deserve happy memories, especially now.

As Covid-19 upends the lives of families around the world, our staff feel lucky to be playing a small part in supporting children who need us most. But we couldn’t do this life-saving work without our amazing donors. 

Join us in the #ChildhoodChallenge by sharing a happy childhood memory. Or make a donation to our Covid-19 Emergency Appeal to ensure that vulnerable children everywhere get the urgent supplies they need.