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Big Problems Need Big Solutions

We reached more than 760 million children with life-saving vaccines over the last 20 years, and helped prevent more than 13 million deaths. Our greatest challenge is just beginning.

It's estimated that a child dies every 10 minutes from a preventable disease. UNICEF believes all tamariki have the right to a healthy life.

As the largest single vaccine buyer in the world, we have unparalleled and longstanding expertise in procurement and logistics to help children in need.  In 2019 alone, UNICEF reached almost half of the world’s children with life-saving vaccines. 

Working with partners in governments, NGOs, the private sector and other United Nations agencies, UNICEF provides immunization in over 100 countries to the children who need it the most.  

© UNICEF/UNI240306/Abdul
© UNICEF/UNI240306/Abdul
  • Vaccinating children in every community: Wherever children are not immunised, their lives and communities are at risk. UNICEF tailors new approaches to vaccinate every child in every community - no matter how remote or challenging.

  • The Cold Chain: UNICEF and partners harness solar power, mobile technology and telemetrics - ensuring vaccines reach all children without losing their effectiveness from exposure to extreme heat or cold weather conditions.

  • Vaccine supply: With UNICEF efforts, the price of many essential childhood vaccines has reached all-time lows - this has facilitated the introduction of new vaccines to children living in the poorest countries.

  • Innovation: Working with private and public partners, UNICEF steers investment towards new vaccines and cutting edge diagnostic and health technologies.

  • Disease eradication and elimination programmes: Thanks to steady progress on expanding vaccination, the world has never been in a better position to eradicate polio - with immunisation against measles, rubella and tetanus bringing the world much closer to eliminating these devastating diseases.

© UNICEF/UNI351552/Prasad Ngakhusi
© UNICEF/UNI351552/Prasad Ngakhusi

COVID-19 is the first truly global crisis we have seen in our lifetimes. No matter where we live, the pandemic affects us and all our tamariki.  

Big problems need big solutions on an even bigger scale.  

UNICEF will leverage our unique experience as the largest single vaccine buyer in the world by collaborating with the PAHO Revolving Fund and the COVID-19 Vaccine Global Access Facility (COVAX Facility) in what could be the world's largest and fastest procurement and supply of vaccines 

We're leading the procurement and delivery for more than four-fifths of the world’s population. UNICEF could potentially transport up to 850 tonnes of COVID-19 vaccines per month in 2021 - more than double the average weight of vaccines UNICEF transports every month. 

As we begin to imagine a day when COVID-19 is behind us, our guiding principle must be that the light at the end of the tunnel needs to shine for all. To do so, we need your help. 


COVID-19 Vaccine Market Dashboard (Big solutions need to be informed) 

Follow the latest developments of the Covid-19 vaccine situation with the most up-to-date information using our game-changing COVID-19 Vaccine Market Dashboard.    

An interactive tool providing a critical overview of the different vaccines in the pipeline, their specific development stage and associated technology platforms. It also showcases information on the global reported production capacity and publicly announced bilateral and multilateral supply agreements and price points.  

Keep an eye on new developments in the UNICEF COVID-19 Vaccine Market Dashboard.

Note: Dashboard is not optimised for mobile and best viewed on desktop.