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Celebrating mums everywhere this Mother's Day

Supporting and caring for mothers around the world is something very close to our hearts at UNICEF

This Mother's Day we wanted to celebrate all the amazing mothers out there.

So to honour them all, we're sharing the incredible story of one mum, Fatamata Kamara, who went to extraordinary lengths to protect her baby.

Fatamata is a mother of two children, and she lives in an isolated village in Sierra Leone. Like any mum, she would do anything to protect her children. Watch Fatamata's extra-special journey as she treks through the jungle and across two rivers by dug-out canoe with her baby on her back! So she can reach a UNICEF supported health clinic and get her baby boy vaccinated against measles.

Mothers like Fatamata will stop at nothing to ensure their children are protected and can grow up healthy and strong, and receive all the love they need.

UNICEF works hard making sure mothers have all the help and support they need - including providing vaccines, nutrition support and advice, clean drinking water, medicines and healthcare, and education for the children they care about.

Join us this Mother's Day to celebrate amazing mums everywhere.