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This holiday season, make a donation of whatever you can, and help us continue to make a real difference for kids in over 190 countries.

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Key Statistics

Our stats speak for itself

UNICEF supporters have helped us create lasting-change for children for over 75 years. We need your help to make sure kids have access to food, medicine, water, shelter and so much more.

48 hours

We deliver emergency supplies anywhere within 48 hours

1 in 3

We have immunised 1 in 3 children around the world

2.6 billion

Provided access to clean water for 2.6 billion people


UNICEF delivers 80% of the world's therapeutic food

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Donate to help us respond to the most vulnerable children as quickly as possible

The Greatest Need

Every moment counts in an emergency but we're always ready! UNICEF has developed the global reach and huge partner network to help us deliver life-saving supplies like clean water, medical supplies and treatment for malnutrition to children and families - anywhere in the world - in under 48 hours.

Your support reaches children fast and lasts long after the headlines fade. By foot, boat, truck, plane or drone; no matter where they are, we'll deliver hope when kids need it most!

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Buy inspired gifts

UNICEF Inspired Gifts are real, life-saving and life-changing ethical gifts that help vulnerable children around the world.


$83 NZD

Oral rehydration salts provide a salty solution for kids weakened by gastrointestinal illness.

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These are much more than virtual gifts, they are real vaccines, water kits, blankets, mosquito nets, nutritious food and lots more practical supplies. Visit our shop to find more gifts!

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Global Reach

We’re always there for kids before, during and after more than 300 emergencies a year. We don't just address the immediate need of kids, we also invest, implement, and maintain innovative and long-term solutions to the problems affecting children.

Making a lasting impact requires a steady pool of donations - which is why every donation helps when you’re entirely donor funded!

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