Typhoon Hagupit response

Shirley Montejo, 36, from Magallanes Tacloban City has brought extra groceries in preparation for Typhoon Hagupit.

“I wasn’t really planning on buying groceries, but then you see a lot of people buying and preparing, so I decided to buy as well. Stores might not open for a few days, better to be prepared.”


Typhoon Hagupit has struck the Philippines, bringing destructive winds, heavy rain and landslides. As yet its full impact is not known. 

The Filipino Government estimates that more than 1 million people have been affected, including over 400,000 children. 

UNICEF is working with the Government to respond to the immediate needs of affected children and families. We are providing lifesaving supplies and services for children and women in the areas hardest hit.

"The government's swift evacuation response has saved many from injury and even death" said Ms. Lotta Sylwander, UNICEF Philippines Representative.

"But Hagupit is still a serious threat, and with tens of thousands of children and their mothers in urgent need of emergency aid, UNICEF and partners are working around the clock to meet the many challenges"

The UNICEF Tacloban Office, established following Typhoon Haiyan, has its 54-strong staff on standby to deploy to affected areas to undertake expert assessments, to work with the Government and partners to assist evacuees. They are currently loading supply trucks to pre-position essential supplies and equipment from local warehouses to affected areas in Samar and beyond.   

UNICEF has local warehouses in Tacloban, Manila and Cotabato, stocked with enough prepositioned supplies for at least 12,000 families. Among supplies ready to be deployed are water kits and hygiene kits, water pumps, generators, water storage and treatment facilities, 

Other emergency supplies available include medical supplies, nutritional therapeutic food items to combat malnutrition, oral rehydration salts and tarpaulins. 

UNICEF NZ will continue to monitor the situation and keep in close contact with our colleagues in the Philippines. The extent of the impact of Typhoon Hagupit will determine what we do here in New Zealand to aid those children and families affected.

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Page last updated: 12:08pm 7/12/14