Survival Gifts

UNICEF New Zealand is grateful for the support of Survival Gifts (and previously Inspired Gifts) that Kiwis have shown. The gifts have been a way for Kiwis to help children around the world get crucial support that they need, while also giving a loved one a meaningful gift. 

Unfortunately, we no longer provide Survival Gifts options due to increasing financial costs of fulfilling card delivery.

However here are some options on how you can support UNICEF's work:

Global Parents making the biggest impact

As a monthly donor - a Global Parent - you're able to support the long-term development of communities around the world by providing food, shelter, education, sanitation, fresh water and emergency supplies to areas and children that need it most globally. If you'd like to be a part of a global change, then check out our Global Parents programme and consider signing up as a monthly supporter. Every donation, every new backpack, and every young child counts - so get involved and start changing lives around the world today.

Page last updated: 20 Oct 2016 3:09pm
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