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Find out how to get involved with UNICEF by starting a club and becoming a U-Reporter.

Start your own UNICEF Club at your school

Play an important role in advocating for action on issues vital to the survival of the world’s children. UNICEF clubs are a movement of student-led groups which educate, advocate and fundraise for issues that UNICEF works for. There is a huge range of events your club could organise or actions you can take. Whether it’s a movie screening, speaker event, bake sale or writing to MPs, there are many ways you can advocate and fundraise for children rights in the world. Want to know more? Have a look an our UNICEF Clubs info sheet (PDF, 1.8 MB) with more information how to form a UNICEF club at your school. We also have a Take Action Toolkit (PDF, 5.1 MB) that will help you to plan your future events with your classmates. Register your club with us by clicking the button below and filling in the form and we'll add to your club to the UNICEF NZ Clubs Directory.

Register your club with us by clicking the button below and filling in the form and we'll add to your club to the UNICEF NZ Clubs Directory.

Become a U-Reporter

Do you ever feel like you’re not being listened to? Together, we’re going to change that.

We asked a group of rangatahi (young people) to help design a platform for Kiwi youth. It’s a platform for issues that are important to you, it’s anonymous and it's totally free to use. It’s called U-Report.

U-Report is a way for you to talk about things you care about, and demand social and environmental change. Think of it as your own personal megaphone.
We’re going to work with rangatahi throughout Aotearoa on issues you say are important. You will help us decide how we campaign for children and young people in New Zealand.

You can have your say by signing up to be a U-Reporter. Message ‘JOIN’ to U-Report NZ on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll get you registered. Then you can start sharing your whakaaro (ideas) on issues you care about, and help make changes here in New Zealand and globally.

Our Voices. Our Rights.

We asked Save the Children and UNICEF's youth ambassadors, to write a report about the lives and wishes of children in Aotearoa New Zealand.

They asked 1198 children about their thoughts, experiences and opinions. Their report, Our Voices Our Rights provides a window into childhood within New Zealand.

Our Voices Our Rights provides recommendations to the government, on how to improve the lives of young people in this country, and how better awareness can be made about the UN Convention on Children's Rights.

Children's experiences, ideas and insights enrich the conversation, but often their voices are absent in many decisions concerning them. Our Voices Our Rights is an important step toward ensuring that they are listened to.

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