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Up until a few months ago, Saima spent long days picking through the rubbish heaps in one of the poorest slums in Bangladesh.  She would look for scraps of material that she could sell to make money for her family.  It is backbreaking and dangerous work for adults, let alone a 7 year old child. But when your family lives in poverty, you do whatever you can to survive.

  "I used to collect rags" Saima said.

 "I would always cut my hands and legs" she said looking down at her bare feet and describing her days amongst the rubbish.

 "It was really painful work"

Saima didn't go to school, the rubbish dump was her classroom.  She didn't have time to play with friends or even enjoy her childhood.  Like millions of children around the world, she was forced into child labour just to support her family.

A few months ago a local community worker told Saima about a UNICEF funded centre for children at risk.  Now Saima comes here to learn, laugh and feel protected.  All the children at the centre are just like Saima and have a similar story to tell.

Will you help children like Saima, before their childhood is gone forever?

With a monthly donation to UNICEF you will be giving vulnerable children hope and opportunities.  They will receive access to education, healthcare and a safe environment in which to learn and develop.  You will be meeting their all important basic rights.  Thank you.  

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Her mother, Esther, was desperately worried; “Ariane cries all day and I feel helpless. It hurts that I don’t have anything to feed her.”

At 15 months old, Ariane weighed the same as a 4-month baby. She was on the brink of survival.

But with the help of Global Parents, we saved Ariane's life.

The solution was simple and cost-effective.

We fed Ariane Plumpy'nut, a special therapeutic food that tastes like sweet peanut butter. Three times a day for about 1 month, and Ariane was healthy and happy again.
$30 is all it costs to feed a
child like Ariane for two weeks.
UNICEF is the world’s largest provider of therapeutic food for malnourished children. But we urgently need help to reach more hungry children.

Without Global Parents, we would not be able to save children like Ariane.

Please, become a Global Parent today and help save a child like Ariane.


Imagine sitting in a classroom and trying to learn maths in a language you can't speak. Imagine trying to read a book written in a language you don't know.

This is what Thui’s older brothers and sisters faced.

But luckily for Thui (L), her school teaches in her own language. Rather than being excluded from learning, Thui is a keen little student!

Global Parents helped us to work with the Vietnamese Government to ensure that schools are inclusive, and don't marginalise any child.

Historically, schools in Vietnan only taught in the Vietnamese language, which excluded children of ethnic minorities like Thui.

And the benefits are clear to see.

As an educated girl, Thui will marry later and have healthier and fewer children than her older sisters who were excluded from school. She will be in a better position to care for her own children in time, giving them the love, food and care they need.

Become a Global Parent today and you will help give a child the education they deserve.

* Thui is a pseudonym to protect her identity.

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