25 million children
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child labour

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All children deserve to grow up safe, to be healthy, to get an education, to rest and to play – but in reality, facts show the right to a childhood has been stolen from 215 million children worldwide who are involved in child labour.

An average shift for one of these children includes working long hours without breaks for just a few cents a day. This is often to help their family survive.

Even worse, 115 million of these children are involved in hazardous work that often makes them sick or damages them emotionally. Some children are even forceibly removed from their families to be used as slaves or prostitutes.

This isn’t acceptable.

What is being done to help?

UNICEF works to implement a range of initiatives to protect child labourers and vulnerable children. We believe that no matter where in the world a child lives, it’s their fundamental human right to schooling, clean water, nutrition and a safe living environment.

Our Key initiatives include:

  • Providing non-formal, more flexible schooling so children can have the opportunity to go to school, learn to read and write, and help their families survive.
  • Operating child-friendly drop-in centres. Children in drop-in centres receive basic education, counselling, life-skills training, trade training courses, and job placement, as well as food and shelter.
  • Training social workers to hold discussions with employers, encouraging them to create safer conditions for children and to allow children to attend school. Social workers also provide counseling services and help parents find alternative incomes to child employment.

These initiatives help children like Saima, a rag picker, get an education: Watch a video of Saima here

How to help prevent child labour

Your donation goes toward implementing our initiatives which make a difference in so many children’s lives. You’re able to contribute towards a safer, more promising life for kids all over the world.

Please consider donating – it only takes a few minutes and will be one of the more rewarding things you do.

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