A little effort goes a long way!

Your fundraising can save lives. Just one fundraising event can send girls back to school, rescue children from war, or feed a child for months.

Start your page

With your very own fundraising page, you can collect donations online - not just at your event! This means that you can collect funds before and after the big day. Visit Givealittle to start your own campaign.

Spread the word

The local media can help make your event a great success. Get in touch with us for media and publicity guide and tips.

We’ll support you

We'd love to help you make your event a success and can provide you with support. This could be in the form of images, UNICEF logos, sponsorship forms, template press releases, or official collector lanyards - just let us know!

Donating your cash funds

The best way to give the money you’ve raised to UNICEF is by transferring the funds directly to our bank account.

UNICEF NZ bank details

Bank: ANZ Bank

Account Number: 01-0505-0463764-00

Account Name: UNICEF NZ

Particulars: FR 'Your Name'

Write a cheque to UNICEF NZ

From May 31st 2021 UNICEF will no longer be able to accept cheque donations due to banks phasing out cheque processing.

Email [email protected] to let us know the date you submit your donation and what appeal you want your money to go to (e.g. Syria Children's Crisis, General).

Stuck for ideas?

Fundraising can look like many different things - it's up to you! Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Sponsored Race

Sponsor a race where the inscription fee covers the event and the donation.

Bake Sale

Sell your baked goodies to help kids all around the world survive and thrive.

Potluck Dinners

Organise potluck dinner, get together with family, friends and relative for a cause.

Student Events

Raise some much-needed money for your UNICEF whilst holding a fun event.

Movie Night

Movie Night Fundraisers are
pretty easy to organise and lots
of fun.

Dress Up Day

A fundraising event that works great for schools, especially those that have uniforms.

Wedding Gifts

Raise money for children instead
of receiving presents on your
wedding day.

Art/music Show

Organise art/music show and
send your proceeds for children in need

Become a professional UNICEF fundraiser

We're currently looking for world class fundraisers to partner with us to make the world a better place.

Join the team

Are you a talented Sales Representative? An outgoing person? Tired of commission only jobs? Joining our professional fundraising team could be just what you're after.

As well as joining a team of awesome people who are passionate about the work UNICEF does around the world, you'll also be offered ongoing training and excellent career progression opportunities.

Click the button below to learn more about the role and find out how to apply.