Yemen Children's Crisis

Violent conflict in Yemen has taken a devastating toll on children. They desperately need food, clean water and protection.


Time is running out for Yemen's children 

A horrific war has devastated the lives of children in Yemen. Every day vulnerable children are forced to face danger, sickness and the uncertainty of where their next meal will come from. 

Right now, a child dies every 10 minutes in Yemen from preventable causes. 

Children are dying because they have no food to eat. Because they have no clean water to drink. And because they don’t have access to basic medicines. 


With the collapse of sanitation and water systems, an unprecedented cholera epidemic has swept the nation.  This aggressive waterborne infection can kill within hours if left untreated. And sadly, half of those suffering are children.

Cholera couldn’t have come at a worse time for children in Yemen. With their immune systems already weakened from months of hunger, they are at extreme risk to sickness and disease.

UNICEF resources are stretched. But children in Yemen can’t wait any longer. Their time is running out. 

We have to act now. 

Just $30 can buy 300 oral rehydration salts, to help children recover from the deadly effects of cholera.

Your generosity can help provide the food, medicine and clean water that these children desperately need to survive. It will make the difference between life and death for some of the world’s most vulnerable children. 

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