Syrian Children’s Crisis

Syrian children urgently need your help. Donate now and give life-saving supplies.

8 years of relentless war in Syria has devastated the lives of a generation of children.

In 2018 alone, more than 1000 children were killed in the fighting – the highest number on record since the start of the Syrian war. Children were ruthlessly targeted, with 262 attacks being carried out on schools and health facilities.

Many New Zealanders share the alarming misconception that the war in Syria is drawing to a close – but it is not. 

Many Syrian children remain in extreme danger and will be affected by the effects of war for years to come.

Mines are now the leading cause of death and injury for children in Syria. Meanwhile 2.6 million children in surrounding countries struggle to survive in overcrowded refugee camps.

Kids urgently need your help to receive life-saving food, water, shelter, medicine and protection.

Donate now and help save a child's life