Natural Disaster

Indonesia Earthquake-Tsunami Disaster

A horrific earthquake and tsunami has devastated Indonesia. Children are in danger and urgently need your help.

UPDATE: On December 23rd another deadly Tsunami stuck Indonesia. Dozens of deaths have been reported, with many people still missing and widespread damage to homes and property. UNICEF is standing by, ready and prepared to respond to this latest crisis if requested.

A horrific 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit Indonesia’s Sulawesi Island on 28th September, triggering a devastating 20ft tall tsunami.

More than 2000 people have been confirmed dead, with 10,700 severely injured and many more missing. We fear these numbers will continue to rise.

The disaster has displaced more than 80,000 children and families from their homes. They desperately need food, water, medicine and other life-saving emergency supplies.

Please make an emergency donation now and help children survive.

We must act now to save children. Please make an emergency donation now:

- $50 can provide 2 tarpaulins, to provide emergency shelter for two Indonesian families.

- $82 can provide first responder kits, containing water purification tablets and therapeutic food.

- $118 can provide 10 emergency blankets to keep children who’ve lost everything warm.

In the event funds raised exceed the needs for this emergency, we hope you will trust us to use your donation to help children wherever the need is greatest.

UNICEF are on the ground, reuniting children with their families, feeding the youngest and most vulnerable, providing clean drinking water, comforting traumatised children and helping them get back to school as soon as possible. We will continue to support children during and after the disaster, adapting our methods to meet the changing needs

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