Every day in NZ, kids are turning up to school with no shoes, no coats and empty bellies. How can we ensure that every Kiwi kid gets a fair chance to learn?

Last month New Zealand's approach to ensuring the rights of our children are upheld came under the scrutiny of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

When 19-year-old, award-winning shot putter Nathaniel is not training, he's helping out Kiwi kids as a teacher aide at a Hutt Valley kindergarten.

Everyone knew when Zajhyn Eruera, 10, was unhappy. He would scream and shout at the teachers, flip over tables and then bolt for the door

The Kingdom of Thailand wants every child in the country to receive an education, no matter where they come from...

In an area plagued by gang violence, sport and recreational activities offer children a haven from insecurity on the streets of El Salvador.