• Children at forefront of Georgia-Ossetia crisis

Children at forefront of Georgia-Ossetia crisis

30th October 2008 Posted in: Emergencies
14 August 2008. – Children are among the most vulnerable of the almost 100,000 people estimated to be displaced by conflict in the Georgia-Ossetia region.

UNICEF (The UN Children's Fund) is working closely with other UN agencies and NGOs, as well as governments to assess the needs of victims of the fighting and to deliver emergency help.

Although Russia and Georgia have accepted a proposed peace plan, almost a week of hostilities has killed and injured many civilians, with up to 100,000 people forced to flee from their homes.

A UNICEF assessment team is working on the ground in the Georgian city of Gori, which was particularly hard hit during the conflict. The immediate needs of people caught up in the crisis revolved around access to health care, food, and safe drinking water.

The UN is bringing in emergency food supplies along with much needed relief materials such as tents, jerry cans, blankets and kitchen sets. UNICEF is taking the lead on the humanitarian response around water and sanitation needs.

Apart from the immediate needs, UNICEF is also working on what needs to be done further down the line, including getting children back school.

UNICEF has considerable local knowledge and contacts through its offices in Tbilisi, Vladikavkaz (North Ossetia), and Moscow.