UNICEF Warns of Scam Emails

18th May 2011
UNICEF NZ is asking the general public to be wary of emails circulating that contain inaccurate information about the charity and, in the worst instances, claim to be from the charity.

Scams range from phishing emails asking for bank details to others claiming to be from UNICEF offering jobs or prizes. The latest concerns incorrect information about salary packages of senior staff from a range of NGOs including UNICEF (such as the untrue statement that UNICEF’s CEO has a Rolls Royce for his personal use!).

UNICEF NZ Executive Director Dennis McKinlay warns "There is a lot of incorrect information being circulated online regarding UNICEF. Please be particularly wary of  websites, e-mails and even phone calls offering jobs or prizes on behalf of UNICEF - these are fabricated and fraudulent. Only UNICEF is authorized to send communications or appeals to the public in UNICEF’s name.

“ If you have any questions over the validity of an offer or are worried about email communication you have received regarding UNICEF, please contact UNICEF New Zealand's office."

The scam has been reported to the New Zealand Ministry of Consumer affairs.

Further information on scams using UNICEF's name can be found on our International site