• Teen buskers raise $400-plus for Haiti in two hours

Teen buskers raise $400-plus for Haiti in two hours

17th July 2013 Posted in: Emergencies

A group of teenage singers have used their voices to support UNICEF’s Haiti Emergency Appeal.

Choir group member, Roza Brajkovich-Payne, says that she and her 10 fellow chorister wanted to do something to help after the terrible earthquake, but they didn’t have any money themselves. They decided that using their singing talent could encourage other people to give.

After just two hours of busking on Lambton Quay – one of Wellington’s major shopping streets – the group raised $420. One man gave $50 and others were giving $5 and $10 notes.

Roza says they decided to fundraise for UNICEF because as a child-focussed agency, the money would go to helping the Haiti’s children, who make up almost half of the country’s population.

UNICEF has been in Haiti since 1949 and is taking a leading role in the Haiti relief effort, especially in the areas of water, nutrition, education and child protection. For example, UNICEF is providing some 200,000 litres of safe water daily, plans to immunize 600,000 children in the coming weeks, and is helping to set up ‘safe spaces’ for lost and unaccompanied children.

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